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Confirm new DebiCheck debit
order details before it's
processed to your account

DebiCheck enables you to confirm debit order details,
electronically at the start of a new contract, or when information regarding debit order details changes

All about the process

Just joined a gym, bought a new phone, or furniture and arranged for a debit order to pay the installments?

How it works

Let's say you've just joined a gym, signed the contract and agreed to pay the monthly installments

  1. You will receive a notification of the new DebiCheck debit order on one of our electronic FNB channels
  2. If everything is correct, you need to confirm the DebiCheck debit order details
  3. A valid and confirmed DebiCheck debit order has now been arranged between you and the gym
  4. Each month, the bank checks against the confirmed DebiCheck debit order details before the debit order is submitted for payment


Stay in control

You only need to confirm the DebiCheck details once before the DebiCheck debit order is processed to your account.

However, if certain conditions of the contract change, the DebiCheck debit order must once again be confirmed electronically by you.

Confirm the new DebiCheck debit order at your nearest ATM or using any of the following electronic banking channels: