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Structured Trade + Commodity Finance

Specialists supported by expert credit + legal staff

Meets your needs outside of normal banking credit lines - focuses on underlying transaction flows rather
than your balance sheet strength. Sophisticated trade solutions and risk-hedging instruments.

What is STCF?

Reduce cross-border + country risks

STCF involves financing of commodities, goods and products being exported, imported, bought or sold.

It provides sophisticated trade solutions and innovative risk-hedging solutions for traders, importers and exporters, buyers and sellers, intermediaries and agents.

This product transfers the risks associated with trade financing from your business to parties that are better equipped to absorb these risks.

Through tried and tested trade finance risk mitigation techniques, STCF can help your business mitigate your cross-border and country risks.

Does your business need STCF?

  • Is your growing and profitable business experiencing cash flow constraints?
  • Do you want to manage your procurement, inventory and sales risks better?
  • Are you turning down big contracts due to credit limits on your existing banking facilities?
  • Do you require bespoke and improved risk-mitigated specialised trade financing?

We can help to facilitate and finance your business's cross-border transactions, as we focus on underlying transaction flows rather than balance sheet strength. We can therefore tailor a bespoke solution suited to your business's specific trading requirements.

Benefits to your business

Improves cash flow

Creates balance sheet capacity and improves business's cash flow.

Debt mentoring

Provides debt monitoring and collection services.

Helps mitigate risks

Helps your business mitigate cross-border and country risks.

Enhances credit rating

Enhances credit rating of the credit facility beyond your business's credit rating.

A bespoke financing structure

Produces a robust, bespoke financing structure to suit your business's unique trade financing needs.

Facility reviewed annually

Facilities approved on a deal-by-deal basis/a blanket facility that is reviewed annually for recurring transactions.

Additional benefits

Generate funds + lower risks


Off balance sheet trade finance facilities

Off balance sheet trade finance facilities through structured self-liquidating deals, meaning that you will be able to undertake much bigger trade-related transactions than what normal banking facilities would usually allow.

Integrated benefits

Your business benefits from strategic cross-border procurement and sales, the diversification of funding types, and the use of accredited transport, insurance, inspection agency and freight forwarder service providers to inter alia mitigate trading, transit and ownership risks.

Finance available

Various finance options

  • Back-to-back letters of credit transactions
  • Back-to-back guarantees
  • Collateralised managed stock financing
  • Transferable letters of credit
  • Escrow accounts
  • The financing of inventory, receivables and materials in transit (internationally + locally)
  • Foreign currency denominated trade finance for importers and exporters
  • Issuance of trade instruments against cash cover
  • Logistics and equipment import finance

Getting it made easy

Structured Trade + Commodity Finance

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