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Saving for emergencies

Because life happens

Most South Africans spend a large portion of their income on debt repayments, making it difficult to save for emergencies.

You ideally need an emergency fund to cover your monthly expenses or savings to the equivalent of 2 to 6 months salary for unforeseen circumstance.

Why save

Saving is always an option


Why save for an emergency?

  • To continue servicing your debt and avoid legal repercussion that might affect your family should you lose your income generating ability
  • To avoid over indebtedness and reduce additional debt exposure
  • To provide your family with security in times of emergencies

Things to consider

  • What does your budget allow?
  • Can you save/invest regularly, or do you have a once-off lump sum?
  • Do you understand the different solutions available to you?
  • What guidance do you need to choose the right savings and investments solution for you?
  • What kind of return are you looking for, and what level of risk are you willing to take on your capital investment?
  • How long do you want to save and invest for?

We will advise you on the most appropriate solutions to match your savings and investment objectives and time horizon.


Short-term saving

Life is unpredictable

Our short-term solutions can help you grow your emergency funds so you can take care of rainy days.

Money Maximiser

Minimum opening balance of R100 000

Read more

Money on Call

Minimum opening balance of R5 000

Read more

7 Day Notice

Minimum opening balance of R20 000

Read more

Savings Account

Exclusive to FNB Cheque Account holders

Read more

Getting it made easy

Saving for emergencies

Qualifying criteria

  1. Service is available to all potential and existing FNB clients.
  2. Have all relevant information about your financial affairs available.

Ways to apply

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