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Alternative Energy Solutions

Be a part of the energy revolution with FNB Alternative Energy Solutions. Our team of specialists can guide you in financing an energy solution for your business, allowing you to unlock significant sustainability over the long term.

What you get

Flexible terms

Between 5 and 10 years.

Loan value

Maximum value of up to R 50 000 000 (subject to regulatory approval).

Set interest rate

Budget and plan for the term of the loan.

Competitive rates

Alternative Energy Solutions will provide you with the best finance rates for your energy asset, provided that the installation is performed by a reputable, industry-accredited energy company.

Flexible Structure

Work with our team to determine the most suitable structure for your energy asset.

Applying made easy

Alternative Energy Solutions

Qualifying Criteria

  1. An active FNB Business Account in good standing
  2. Additional credit criteria will apply

How to get it

Call me back

Other ways to apply

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