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Choose the type of Auto Card best suited to your needs

  • Fuel, oil and toll
  • Fuel, oil, toll and maintenance/repair*
  • Managed Maintenance
  • Fuel, toll, oil and Managed Maintenance
  • Toll plazas only

*This is not Managed Maintenance

Helps you budget

Manage your daily fuel budget. We will send you your current and available balance on your account every time your driver transacts with your fleet card. Monthly card fees are allocated upfront leaving you to calculate your budget on the available balance in your account.

Auto Online + Self Help

Free online Self Help

  • Order new Auto Cards
  • Report damaged, lost or stolen Auto Cards
  • Update driver details
  • Reliable, accurate and available 24 hours a day for your convenience with no paperwork

Reporting at any time

  • Your asset register
  • Exception reports
  • Maintenance spend/savings reports
  • Monthly costs
  • Daily transaction reports
  • With Auto Online, you can import data into various formats and interface it with your general ledger or other systems

Bulk Fuel

Running on empty is not an option.

FNB Fleet is the first in the business to offer you flexible credit facilities for bulk fuel purchases. We also bring you a single point of payment and detailed transactional reporting

Roadside Assistance

When your drivers need help, we'll get them back on the road as soon as possible.

AA Roadside Assistance & Battery Services
24/7, on-the-spot help including flat-tyre changes, fuel provision and more.

Locksmith service
An efficient vehicle-unlocking service available round the clock.

Towing for electrical
Towing to the nearest accredited repairer or preferred destination if the vehicle breaks down from electrical or mechanical failure, or in the event of an accident.

Flight (pay-and-claim)
A flight to the customer's destination if the vehicle breaks down more than 100 km from their home or destination.

Car hire (pay-and-claim)
24/7 car hire for customers who break down more than 100km from their home or destination.

Accommodation (pay-and-claim)
Accommodation for drivers stranded more than 100km from their home or destination.

Stand by you
Feel safe with roadside armed security while waiting for help.

Terms & conditions apply.

e-toll/SANRAL e-tags

We manage your SANRAL and e-toll needs so that you don't have to.

We pay SANRAL for you
We'll pay SANRAL on your behalf, and consolidate your usage charges into one bill.

Careful control
Our e-tag provision is closely controlled and auditable.

Online reports
Get an e-toll transaction report online any time through our online reporting system.

Use your SANRAL e-tag at most of the conventional ("boom") toll plazas in all provinces, as well as the regular SANRAL gantries in Gauteng.

Fleet Online Self Service

Self Service

Manage your Auto Card or Auto Advance card seamlessly with our reliable, paperless online self service system:

  • Report damaged, lost or stolen cards
  • Order new cards
  • Update driver details

Fleet Online Reporting & Analytics

Log in to our user-friendly fleet management dashboard with your secure ID and password to access:

  • Your asset register
  • Exception reports
  • Maintenance spend/salvage reports
  • Monthly costs
  • Daily transaction reports

Auto Card

Our Auto Card is the most flexible way of paying for your fleet's everyday expenses.
No matter how many vehicles you have, your drivers can use our multi-purpose fleet card to pay securely for fuel, oil, toll, repairs and maintenance.

With an Auto Card, you'll enjoy these benefits:

  • Security: Reduce the need for your drivers to handle cash, and prevent fraud with real-time transaction validation.
  • Convenience: Track and pay for fuel, oil, tolls, repairs and maintenance with one card
  • Control: Manage your vehicles' daily spend with vehicle registration-specific cards.
    Reduce fraudulent activities and irregular use.
  • Efficiency: Curb wastage and benchmark performance with our comprehensive Fleet Online Reporting & Analytics subscription service.

Plus, you'll also enjoy

  • Fuel rewards: Qualify for fuel rebates with our partner oil companies, and put money back in your pocket.
  • Access to self-service: Use Fleet Online Self Service to cancel lost or stolen cards, and to order new ones.

Terms & conditions apply.

Auto Advance Card

We've developed a prepaid, interest-free fleet card that will help you as
a business or consumer to fully integrate your fleet management
solutions, without the need for a facility*.

An Auto Advance Card offers:

  • Flexibility: Pay for fuel, oil, general repairs and maintenance**.   
  • Safety: Our online authorisation engine checks all transactions in real time to help mitigate fraud.
  • You receive notification of your account's current and available balance every time your driver transacts.
  • Convenience: Top up the card anytime with an EFT deposit and reduce the need for your drivers to carry cash.
  • With your fuel and maintenance costs at your fingertips, you can manage your daily fuel budget.
  • Improved budgeting: Monthly card fees are allocated upfront, enabling you to calculate your budget accurately on the available balance in your account.
  • Real-time cost tracking: inContact messages notify you when payment is made in respect of each specific vehicle.

*FNB Auto Advance is available to all business owners, no matter where you bank.

**Tolls cannot currently be paid with an Auto Advance Card.

Terms & conditions apply.

FNB Fleet Services

We'll help you keep your fleet going

Improve your fleet's performance by managing it more efficiently.

Fleet Management Solutions

Whether you're a business or an individual, we offer flexible
solutions to help you manage your fleet.

Auto Card

Pay for your fleet's everyday expenses and manage your vehicles' daily use more efficiently.


Auto Advance Card

A prepaid, interest-free card lets you manage your fleet without needing a credit facility.


Cost-effective services

Add these valuable services to your fleet portfolio.

Roadside Assistance

Services to get your vehicles and drivers going again.


e-toll/SANRAL e-tags

Simplifying your e-toll administration.


Managed Maintenance

Our highly skilled technicians will negotiate the fairest price for your vehicle
services and repairs, and make sure that all work carried out is justified.

A proactive approach

Make informed decisions with no unexpected repair or maintenance expenses.

Approved dealerships

Access our network of top quality dealers and fitment centres that meet our high workshop standards.

You set the mandate

Set your mandate for cost and other criteria, and we'll make sure your instructions are followed at all times.

Warranty and vehicle history checks

Your vehicle history and warranty details will be checked to confirm the cost and scope of the proposed work.

Dedicated call centre

Get help with emergency towing and other services 24/7, 365 days a year.

Fleet Customer Self Service

Manage your Auto Card or Auto Advance Card administration seamlessly with our reliable, paperless online self-service system.


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FNB Fleet Auto Card

  • Signed and audited financial statements

FNB Auto Advance

  • No audited financials required