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FNB Fleet Services

Helping you keep your fleet going

Improve your fleet's performance by managing it more efficiently.

Fleet management services

Auto Card

Our Auto Card is the most flexible way of paying for your fleet's everyday expenses.

No matter how many vehicles you have, your drivers can use our multi-purpose fleet card to pay securely for fuel, oil, toll, repairs and maintenance.

Auto Advanced Card

A prepaid, interest-free fleet card that will help you as a business or consumer to fully integrate your fleet management solutions, without the need for a facility*.


Fleet Online

A user-friendly platform for online card administration and access to advanced graphical reports.


Self-service is your online card administration tool. There is no longer a need to use paper. It's user-friendly and is included in our service offering, at no additional cost.

Analytics & reporting

Analytics and reporting gives you access to advanced graphical reports, which provide you with fleet business intelligence to help guide your decision-making on key business performance areas.

Managed Maintenance

Offered and serviced by WesBank.

Cost effective services

Add these valuable services to your fleet portfolio

Roadside Assistance

Services to get your vehicles and drivers going again.

e-toll/SANRAL e-tags

Simplifying your e-toll administration.

FNB Homebase Solution

Simplifying & reporting on off-road fuel fill-up transactions.