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How it works

Instant Payroll

Generate payslips + pay with less fuss

What is Instant Payroll?

It's a free online payroll solution that allows our clients to process weekly and monthly payrolls. Clients can also generate payslips and tax certificates
(IRP5, EMP501, EMP201, EM501, and EMP201).

How it works

It's easy to create payslips for your employees to get paid conveniently and hassle free, with Instant Payroll.



All this and more

No limits

Generate free unlimited payslips.


Automatically calculate all statutory contributions.


Stay compliant with SARS requirements, and easily complete your EMP501 with direct EasyFile integration.


Store a full history of employee payroll information and get various reports.


Experience the benefits of secure storage, convenience, efficiency, reliability, and a user-friendly interface.

How do I get started

  1. Set up the entity/business
  2. Set up your employee details
  3. Create your payroll (financial year)
  4. Create your pay-run (weekly, or monthly)
  5. Process payslips and payments
  6. Process EMP201 (monthly)
  7. Process EMP501 (bi-annually monthly) with EasyFile

Download the Instant Payroll setup guide for more information.



Is setting up Instant Payroll free?

Yes, Instant Payroll is free. There is a dedicated support center to help you with all your Instant Payroll needs.

What about historical IRP5s?

Historical IRP5 data from another payroll systems cannot be uploaded onto Instant Payroll.

How do I reset password?

Select Forgot Username or Password on the FNB home page. Next, select Reset password only, enter your details and follow the prompts.

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Support centre agents are available via phone or email.

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