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Additional features

  • Choose a tailored package to suit your unique business needs
  • These services come with no subscription charges
  • An electronic platform designed to help you manage the money in your business accounts by means of instant SMS or email messages
  • An easy-to-use, integrated and instant accounting solution which uses your FNB electronic bank statement to do your bookkeeping automatically every night
  • Connect, learn and grow with BizNetwork - South Africa's leading entrepreneurial platform
  • No need to wait for paper statements in the post
  • A FREE account for ring-fencing funds
  • Choose which options suits your business requirements best
  • Client-approved and authorised movements of funds take place
  • Specially designed for businesses. These provide summarised and detailed information
  • In respect of all FNB Islamic fees charged to the account - making your life easier when it comes to tax
  • Available in paper format or via email
  • Accounts have a unique number which does not change for the lifetime of the account
  • Client-selected limits and transaction type controls with Islamic Business Debit Cards

Membership to BizNetwork



  • Built-in security controls ensure that only client approved and authorised movements of funds take place
  • Record of all payments and receipts to and from the account as well as bank fees
  • VAT invoices in respect of all FNB fees charged to the account

FNB Islamic Business Account

Pay for daily business operations

Available to companies, close corporations, partnerships and NPOs.

What this is

Transact the way you want

The FNB Islamic Business Account offers you

  • The ability to link a Visa Cheque Card, Visa Electron Debit Card or a Petrol Card to your account
  • The ability to receive cheque deposits
  • The convenience of a multiple transaction fee structure
  • Islamic Business Visa Cheque or Electron Debit Cards with your account
  • Accounts have a unique number which does not change for the lifetime of the account
  • Client-selected limits and transaction type controls with Business Debit Cards
  • Subscription to Online Banking and Cellphone Banking
  • eBucks rewards on your Islamic Business Account

With your business account you can

  • Perform cash withdrawals
  • Cash/issue cheques
  • Pay debit and stop orders
  • Make nominated account payments
  • Make cheque card or electron debit card transactions
  • Make transfers
Additional features

Islamic Linked Savings Account

Earn monthly profit share

Get a free Islamic Linked Savings Account.

An Islamic Linked Savings Account is linked to your account to keep your savings separate from your transactional account.

Be eligible for a monthly profit share on your Linked Savings Account.


What's hot


Keep track of money going in and out of your account for FREE

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Instant Accounting

A unique, online accounting solution

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Email statements

Statement frequency can be daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly or at longer intervals

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Get the protection you deserve while transacting

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inContact s FNB's transaction notification service that gets sent to your cellphone. With inContact, you can keep track of amounts higher than R100 going in and out of your account, for free.

inContact offers you the ability to:

  1. Identify any unauthorised transactions on your accounts.
  2. Receive messages for transactions on accounts that belong to you only.
  3. Get notifications from 1 cent on the FNB App by selecting your desired amount accordingly.
  4. Manage the funds in your accounts.
  5. Receive messages with details of your multiple debits that are processed overnight i.e. debit orders, stop orders and scheduled payments.
  6. Customise the notifications received. You can:
    • Choose when you want to receive your messages - during the day (7am - 8pm) or 24 hours a day
    • Choose to be notified of any transactions that exceed an amount specified by you
    • Choose how to receive notifications - via SMS, email or both
    • Choose which accounts you want to link to inContact

inContact will not send messages for transactions on accounts which you access via a link or mandate.

You can register for this service at any FNB branch via Online Banking or by calling 087 575 9404.

Decline inContact messages are an innovative and convenient method of advising customers of why their transactions are declined. These messages are identical to normal inContact notifications and this service is also free.

Terms , conditions and rules apply.

FREE Instant Accounting

FREE Instant Accounting is ideally suited to small business owners and enables you to prepare income statements, balance sheets, VAT returns, cash-flow statements as well as detailed transactional analysis reports.

Terms, Conditions and Rules apply.

Email statements

Get your statements emailed for free promptly, consistently and securely every month.

With email statements, you get your statements faster than paper statements. You can download, save and print your statements. FNB has also installed security measures to protect your information.

This is a free service which can easily be activated from your Online Banking profile in 4 easy steps.

  1. Once logged in, select My Bank Accounts, then Menu and then Email Statements under Statements.
  2. Select the appropriate account/s of which you require the statements to be delivered to you via email.
  3. Enter the primary email address to which you'd like the statements to be sent .
  4. Select the formats you would prefer to receive your statements in - plain text (CSV), PDF or both (account dependent).

What email statements offer me

  • Easy to store - you can keep the email statements safely on your PC until they are required.
  • Easy to file - it is easier to file an electronic statement than a paper statement.
  • More secure - email statements are more secure than paper statements as paper statements. can be lost in the post. The statement is encrypted and cannot be tampered with.

Terms, conditions and rules apply.

Online Secure

Protect your card against fraudulent use online. Online Secure uses a One Time PIN (OTP) that is sent to you and comes at no extra cost. To activate Online Secure on your card, you must be an Online Banking user.

Online Secure is a free service and can easily be activated from your Online Banking profile.

Activate your card by logging on to your Online Banking profile and following these prompts:

  1. Log in to FNB Online Banking.
  2. Select the My Bank Accounts sub tab.
  3. Select the card you would like to activate.
  4. Select Activate Now under the Online Secure column.
  5. Click I accept and agree to the Disclaimer above.
  6. Select Finish on the Activation Results screen.

How to use Online Secure when shopping online:

  • Once activated, proceed to the checkout.
  • Type in your 16-digit card number when prompted.
  • You will then be prompted for a One Time PIN (OTP), which you will receive via SMS.
  • Finalise your purchase.

Online Secure FAQs

Consumer Disclaimer

Getting it made easy

Islamic Business Account

Ways to apply

Call me back

Other ways to apply

Contact us

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Documents needed

  • Copy of recent payslip
  • South African ID book/card
  • Proof of residence (in your name, not older than 3 months)
  • Your passport (if not an SA resident)
  • Company registration documents