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Gold Business | Business Banking Accounts | FNB

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Business Overdraft

What the Business Overdraft offers

  • Accessibility to the required cash flow you need to run your business
  • Payments into the overdraft facility make funds available for use again
  • Flexibility, as you can deal with unexpected expenses and capitalise on opportunities
  • Monthly repayments are based on the amount of credit you used

What you can do

  • Enjoy FREE access to Instant Accounting - an easy-to-use online accounting solution which uses your FNB Online Banking statements to do your bookkeeping automatically every night
  • Enjoy FREE access to Instant Accounting Insights - giving you a monthly snapshot of your business's cash flow, income and expenses
  • The opportunity to apply for the new FNB Visa Business Cheque Card with Chip and PIN technology, the most secure cheque card available today, that helps your business save money


  • The amount you qualify for, as well as the interest rate, will depend on your credit profile
  • The interest rate will be calculated for you, once your application has been submitted
  • Interest is charged monthly on your overdraft balance
  • Credit fees will be provided upon application


  • Product Terms and Conditions are included in the Facility Letter you receive with your approved overdraft
  • Only after signing the required facility and collateral documentation, will the overdraft facility be made available for use

Get rewarded with an FNB Connect SIM

What you can enjoy with FNB Connect

  • No long term contracts. FNB Connect offers a wide range of month-to-month SIM plans.
  • You can manage your own SIM without any hassle. Port your number, activate your FNB Connect SIM and more, all on the FNB App.
  • As an FNB Customer you automatically qualify for: Complimentary data, voice minutes and SMS's every month.
  • Extensive Nationwide coverage around South Africa.

Get rewarded:

All new to FNB Connect Customers will get a complimentary once-off data, voice minutes and SMS allocation loaded within 5 working days of activating your FNB Connect SIM.

What you get:

  • 1GB data (once-off)
  • 35 voice minutes
  • 35 SMSs

Perform at least one transaction on your Gold Business Account every month and get the following at no extra cost to you:

  • 500MB data
  • 35 voice minutes
  • 35 SMSs
  • Plus earn 500MB extra data when you spend R100 or more on your FNB Connect SIM.

To receive your free monthly FNB Connect SIM bundle you will need to:

  • Activate your FNB SIM
  • Activate your account by transferring R500 into it to receive your first allocation
  • Perform a minimum of one transaction on your First Business Zero Account every month (perform a transaction on the FNB App or Online Banking or via card swipe or via a deposit)
  • Only two FNB Connect SIM per commercial entity will be eligible for Connect Rewards.
View FNB Connect Rewards FAQs

Your debit and SIM card will be delivered by courier.

Gold Business

It takes a bank that does more to help

For businesses with a turnover of up to R5 million per annum.

We have solutions to help you navigate starting,
running and growing your business.

  • More than just a Business Account

  • Earn eBucks Rewards for Business
  • 24/7 support with our Business Desk
  • Bank anytime, anywhere with our Digital Banking solutions
  • Get access to Instant Solutions - Instant Accounting, Instant Invoicing
  • Grow your business with the Business Directory
  • Get a Business Call Account

Solutions to help

start your business

We have an ideal set of products and solutions to support you when you are opening a new business or switching an existing business.

Solutions to help run your business

We have the right solutions to help you run and maximise your business' capabilities.

Get rewarded with data, voice minutes and SMSs every month on your FNB Connect SIM.

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Create & pay with your own
virtual card

The FNB Virtual Card on the FNB App is a faster, safer and more secure way to pay for online
and in-store purchases wherever you are in the world. You can create multiple virtual cards at no additional cost , to use as you need them.

It's safe

Your CVV number changes every hour. Create, cancel, delete or block your card at any time.

It's convenient

Virtual cards can also be used for FNB Pay (Tap to Pay and Scan to Pay) and all partner wallet transactions, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay, and SwatchPAY!, without the need for a physical card.

Earn eBucks

Choose more value for you and your family and earn eBucks while you spend online.

FNB Purchase Protect

Get instant insurance for items purchased with your virtual card at no extra cost.

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Applying made easy

Gold Business Account

Qualifying criteria

Best suited for businesses with a turnover of up to R5 million per annum

How to get it

Apply now!

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Applying for a Business Cheque Account online made easy.