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Financial planning


Staffing Solutions

Open up a new world of banking for your employees

Become an employer of choice with FNB Staffing Solutions. We will bank your staff at your offices
and at your convenience, so there is minimal disruption to your business.

Staff benefits

Get more with FNB

Your staff get access to FNB's whole suite of innovative banking products and solutions.

  • Your staff earn eBucks and get vouchers on account opening.
  • Your staff get preferential interest rates on credit.
  • Preferential rates on home loans.

Business benefits

Banking made simple for all

We have specialty products for your business:

Instant Payroll Solution

Key Person Insurance

Business Law on Call

Payroll solution: Save costs for your business by taking advantage of our competitive rates, with the Payroll Solution from FNB, when you pay salaries from your FNB Business Account to your FNB banked staff.

Ts&Cs apply.


Financial wellness

Get on track with money matters

We offer a Financial Literacy Programme and Employee Financial Wellness Reporting free of charge.

Financial Literacy Programme
We offer a world class programme educating your staff on budgets, borrowing, insurance and home ownership. We come and run the training at your offices at a time that is convenient to you and there is absolutely no cost for you.

Employee Financial Wellness Reporting
Financial reporting available on all FNB banked employees.


Group Scheme

Make a real difference

Invest in your staff and enjoy peace of mind and make a real difference in the lives of your employees.

At a competitive rate you and your staff will enjoy:

  • Lump sum cover of up to R60 000
  • Double the cover amount if employee dies due to an accident.
  • No fuss. No medicals or questions.
  • Premium discount. The more employees you cover, the greater the discount you enjoy.

Getting it made easy

Staffing Solutions

Qualifying Criteria

You need to have an FNB Business Account

How to get it

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