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Travel Solutions
Global Payments and Receipts
Investment Solutions
Regulatory Services
Foreign Banking


Travel Solutions

  • Buy foreign notes online and have them delivered.
  • With the Multi-currency Cash Passport you can load up to 4 currencies and spend or withdraw whilst travelling abroad.
  • Pay in advance for reservations such as car hire, cruises and theatre tickets.
  • No queues, no waiting!

Global Payments and Receipts

  • Send money abroad for a host of reasons including travel, investments and gifts.
  • Earn up to 50% back in eBucks on the transaction charges when sending or receiving foreign currency online.
  • Earn up to 100% back in eBucks on the transaction charges when receiving foreign currency regularly by authorising FNB Forex to convert these funds on your behalf.

Investment Solutions

  • Simplify the process of sending money offshore for investment purposes. Complete your Forex transfers online, and you can earn up to 50% back in eBucks on the transaction charges.
  • With an FNB Global Account you can start saving and transacting in six foreign currencies without having to leave South Africa. Earn interest while paying no monthly fees.

Regulatory Services

  • Access to expert assistance covering a wide range of foreign exchange and exchange control matters.

Imports and Exports

  • Import and export payment solutions, structured correctly, could protect you from Foreign Exchange rate fluctuation, Sovereign, Performance, Financial, Commercial and Delivery risks.

Payment Solutions
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