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Financial planning


Off balance sheet trade finance facilities

Off balance sheet trade finance facilities through structured self-liquidating deals, meaning that you will be able to undertake much bigger trade-related transactions than what normal banking facilities would usually allow.

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Selective invoice discounting


Selective Invoice Discounting

Improve cash flow

This is invoice level financing, where either selected invoices or all invoices for selected preapproved debtors are sold to the bank to release funds and improve cash flow.

How it works

Bridge the cash flow gap

  • It is a short-term funding solution that gives start up or growing business's access to immediate cash rather than waiting 30 or more days for debtors to pay.
  • One or multiple invoices for selected quality debtors are 'sold' to release funds and improve the business's cash flow.
  • The facility requires disclosure to the debtor.
  • When the debtor pays the invoice, the facility balance is settled, but the facility remains open for continued future use.

Quick turnaround

No waiting around

Cash is disbursed within a maximum of 48 hours after completion of take-on process.


What's hot

Short-term finance

Short term solution to unlock cash from outstanding invoices


Flexibility to use the facility as and when required


No notice period or monthly admin fee

Majority funding

Funding of up to 80% of the invoice value


Simple fee structure - based on percentage of invoice value

Invoice-to-invoice basis

Once invoice is settled, there are no further obligations to the bank, but facility remains in place/open for future use

Benefits to your business

Discounts + lower stock prices

Use early payment discounts and secure lower stock prices without impacting relationship with debtors.

Early payment discounts

Enables the business to utilise early payment discounts with creditors

Lower stock prices

Enables the business to secure lower stock prices through bulk buying

Intact relationship

Doesn't affect control of, or relationship with the debtor(s)

Getting it made easy

Selective Invoice Discounting

Qualifying criteria

  1. Solvent Balance Sheet
  2. Good quality debtor(s)
  3. Goods must have been delivered or service rendered
  4. Tax clearance certificate must be valid

How to get it

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Other ways to apply

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Documents needed

  • Latest financial information (e.g. management accounts)
  • Latest Debtors Age Analysis
  • Valid Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Completed Selective Invoice Discounting Application Form

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