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Debtor Finance

Email us:

Debtor Finance

Improve your cash flow
for immediate business growth

A non-disclosed, working capital facility designed to afford cash flow acceleration against the security of your debtor's book.

What's hot


Provides funding of between 70% and 80% of your debtor's book

Debtor funding

Debtors are funded up to 120 days from invoice date

Admin + dealing structuring

Administration and collection of debts is done by your company

Negotiated discounts

Increased cash flow allows you to negotiate discounts from suppliers for the early settlement of accounts

Increase stock levels

Increased cash flow allows you to increase stock levels to facilitate growth

Debtor ratings

We will rate your debtors

Getting it made easy

Debtor Finance

How to get it

Call me back

Other ways to apply

Get in touch

Documents needed

  • Completed Debtor Finance questionnaire
  • Debtors and creditors aging
  • Latest financial statements of your business
  • Management accounts
  • Personal balance sheet of guarantors
  • Projections or cash flows where available