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Corporate Banking

Think corporate banking. Think RMB.

RMB Corporate Banking is all about our clients.

Technology is fast changing the way people interact with their banks. At RMB Corporate Banking, we put our clients at the centre of our innovation by generating sophisticated real-time solutions to enhance their transactional activities and deliver real value to their business.

RMB's comprehensive suite of corporate financial solutions range from transactional banking and cash management to cross-border trade, multi-asset investments, working capital finance and risk management solutions - all of which are accessible via RMB's electronic channels.

Our sophisticated IT infrastructure, network of industry experts and specialists in corporate, treasury and investment banking have the single aim of offering our clients the best banking experience possible.

Our team is committed to successful, sustainable partnerships, while our framework empowers our clients to access and manage their funds from wherever they are in the world. Dedicated and experienced relationship managers are also on hand for more complex transactions and trusted advice.

In addition to excellent financial solutions and competitive pricing, we believe our clients value reliability, consistent service and simple solution implementation. Our entrepreneurial flair, excellent track record and attention to detail are just some of the elements which enable us to deliver on this promise.

Let RMB's traditional values and innovative ideas make RMB Corporate Banking your proud partner of choice.

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Register for Online Banking

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Register for Online Banking

Haven't registered?

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To access FNB Cell Pay Point register online or visit your nearest FNB Branch.

Cell Pay Point

A secure, easy to use online payment solution not limited to credit card payment.

Use this at any merchant registered for FNB cell pay point.

Benefits to Customers

  • Secure online payment alternative
  • Enhanced payment options - not limited to credit cards
  • Set payment limits for additional protection
  • Personal information is not sent to the merchant
  • Payment is immediately debited from the customer's account
  • Faster release of goods
  • No registration for customers of Cellphone Banking from FNB

Benefits to Merchants

  • Fast and simple integration
  • Easy to use payment process for the merchant's customers
  • Increased sales opportunity
  • Real-time notification of payments
  • Guaranteed payments
  • Payments are cleared into the merchant's bank account immediately
  • The merchant is able to make payment status enquiry
  • Secure connections / interfaces
  • Reports are emailed daily/monthly
  • The merchant's store is mentioned on our list of merchants
  • Reduced merchant risk and liability
  • Competitive merchant rates

What will it cost?

Customer Fees

  • FNB Cell Pay Point has no account transaction fee for personal cheque and transaction account; however credit card transaction fees and network operator fees are applicable.

Merchant fees

  • No monthly, annual commitment, start-up or cancellation fees
  • A transaction fee is charged for each successful payment calculated as a percentage of the transaction value

What you need as a customer to use Cell Pay Point:

  • You must be an FNB customer and be registered for Cellphone Banking.
  • A qualifying FNB account and any make or model of cellphone

You have a choice of the following registration channels:

  • Go to any FNB ATM
  • Call
  • Go to any FNB Branch
  • If you are an Online Banking customer register online

To register online:

  • Login to Online Banking
  • Select 'Services'
  • Select 'Cellphone Banking'
  • Proceed to register and follow the instructions

What you I need as a merchant to get Cell Pay Point

  • Sign commercial agreement with FNB's requirements
  • Open an FNB account
  • Register for service
Cell Pay Point