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For My Business

> R10m annual turnover


To access FNB Cell Pay Point register online or visit your nearest FNB Branch.

Cell Pay Point

A secure, easy to use online payment solution not limited to credit card payment.

Use this at any merchant registered for FNB cell pay point.

Benefits to Customers

  • Secure online payment alternative
  • Enhanced payment options - not limited to credit cards
  • Set payment limits for additional protection
  • Personal information is not sent to the merchant
  • Payment is immediately debited from the customer's account
  • Faster release of goods
  • No registration for customers of Cellphone Banking from FNB

Benefits to Merchants

  • Fast and simple integration
  • Easy to use payment process for the merchant's customers
  • Increased sales opportunity
  • Real-time notification of payments
  • Guaranteed payments
  • Payments are cleared into the merchant's bank account immediately
  • The merchant is able to make payment status enquiry
  • Secure connections / interfaces
  • Reports are emailed daily/monthly
  • The merchant's store is mentioned on our list of merchants
  • Reduced merchant risk and liability
  • Competitive merchant rates

What will it cost?

Customer Fees

  • FNB Cell Pay Point has no account transaction fee for personal cheque and transaction account; however credit card transaction fees and network operator fees are applicable.

Merchant fees

  • No monthly, annual commitment, start-up or cancellation fees
  • A transaction fee is charged for each successful payment calculated as a percentage of the transaction value

What you need as a customer to use Cell Pay Point:

  • You must be an FNB customer and be registered for Cellphone Banking.
  • A qualifying FNB account and any make or model of cellphone

You have a choice of the following registration channels:

  • Go to any FNB ATM
  • Call
  • Go to any FNB Branch
  • If you are an Online Banking customer register online

To register online:

  • Login to Online Banking
  • Select 'Services'
  • Select 'Cellphone Banking'
  • Proceed to register and follow the instructions

What you I need as a merchant to get Cell Pay Point

  • Sign commercial agreement with FNB's requirements
  • Open an FNB account
  • Register for service
Cell Pay Point