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SIM card management

View + manage all your Connect SIMs, just like you do your bank accounts

Manage your whole family's SIMs in one place from balances to detailed call logs. You can also order a replacement SIM and do a SIM swap.

What this is

Manage your cellular spend just like your banking

With the many features available on the FNB Banking App, you'll never be left offline.

View your PUK number, block or unblock a SIM, order replacement SIMs or do a SIM swap. For prepaid customers, auto top up is available. For contract customers, features include real-time payments, SIM limits and so much more.


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Managing your SIM is easy

View balances

View a summary of your balances.

SIM swap

Need to change your SIM but don't want to go through the hassle? Do it easily on the FNB Banking App.

Top up

Conveniently top up your airtime or data bundles or for prepaid customers, set up an auto top up.

Call management

Switch features on or off depending on how you'd like to manage your calls.

SIM information

View all information related to your SIM card. You can even edit your SIM nickname.

Account information

View all your account information as well as your transaction history.

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