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Invest in your favourite shares for less

FNB Shares Zero

Get exposure to the most popular local and global companies in the palm of your hand with FNB. Now more of your money can go towards your investment, and less to fees when you invest in your favourite ETFs, ETNs, and Top 40 shares. Plus pay zero monthly fees and pay zero brokerage when you buy any FNB ETF or ETN.

Investing meets simplicity

Whether a beginner or seasoned investor you can get exposure to the top listed local and global companies through Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF), Exchange-Traded Notes (ETN) and the Top 40 shares without paying a monthly fee.

By investing in ETFs and ETNs you automatically get exposure to the growth of multiple companies, and instantly diversify your portfolio.

Why you need a FNB Shares Zero Account

  • No minimum balance to open an account
  • Get exposure to local and international markets
  • Earn dividends
  • View and manage your account on My Investments on the FNB App
  • Back your trades by having access to tips, insights and expert opinions
  • Unlock your investment potential through the power of knowledge through our FNB education portal

Understanding FNB Shares Zero

A self-help guide to show you how it works

Do you need a bit more information before you start? We've got everything covered from account opening, funding, investing and maintaining your account.