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Peace of mind

Investing offshore might seem daunting at first but with the support of a global team of experts, including Financial Planners, Wealth Managers, Fiduciary Specialists and foreign exchange experts, we will invest the time to ensure your peace of mind.

Advice philosophy

Understanding your offshore needs

Our Wealth & Investment specialists will follow a structured process starting with getting a thorough understanding of your financial affairs, family situation and estate structures. This informs the appropriate investment objectives and is essential in determining:


Financial life stage

Are you accumulating assets in order to reach financial independence? Are you financially independent or do you have more assets than required over your lifetime?

Asset and liability matching

With an understanding of your needs and risk preferences, the Wealth Manager will advise you on the most appropriate approach for your needs.



Guidance + assistance

Once a clear plan has been established, our Wealth & Investment specialists will help you with the execution. This will include helping you navigate the journey through the enhanced KYC (know your customer) requirements of establishing offshore investments, and expert guidance from an exchange control point of view.

You will further receive assistance in coordinating exchange control requirements through a select team of cross-border advisory specialists. They will be able to walk you through and expedite the process of obtaining a tax clearance certificate (if the amount is between R1m and R10m) in order to make use of the foreign investment allowance.

Ongoing support


Advice + support

Our Wealth and Investment Specialists will provide long-term, ongoing advice and management of your portfolios.

Full disclosure on fees

Receive disclosure of all fees and any commission or rebate.

Helping you get started

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Other ways to apply

If you are an existing FNB client, please speak to your Private Banker or Wealth Manager, or contact your FNB Service Suite.