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FNB International Trustees

Structured for future generations

FNB can assist you with discussing the benefits that a trust would bring to you and your family and how to go about putting one in place.



Structuring solutions

Our specialised trust company, FNB International Trustees Limited (FNBIT) is based in the Channel Island of Guernsey and has been providing market leading fiduciary solutions for over 40 years.

It is fully licensed by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission and offers you the protection, not only of the strength and integrity of FNB but also the security of a long established and well regulated jurisdiction. Its qualified and experienced professionals travel to South Africa on a regular basis to support our team on the ground and meet clients to offer you the reassurance that your assets are in good hands.

The benefits

Continuity + flexibility

Continuity as the trust may span several generations as well as flexibility through a Trust Deed with wide ranging powers.

Estate planning

Property held in a trust avoids the costs and lengthy delays of the executorship process.


Protection of your assets for future generations.


A well structured trust can make administration easier and more effective.

Trust options

Cost effective + competitive

FNB International Trustees understands both the international world and the particular needs of South Africans. As such, we have tailored a range of trust solutions that provide a cost effective means of establishing a trust for all ranges of assets and values.

The Ashtrust

Providing you with a simple and costeffective means of holding investments with a loan account, if required.

The Platform Trust

A cost-effective way of holding a diversified portfolio within a recognised platform.

The Full Trust

A more complex trust able to hold a wide range of international assets, including real estate but still at a competitive cost.

Helping you get started

International trusts

How to get it

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Other ways to apply

If you are an existing FNB client, please speak to your private banker, wealth manager or contact your FNB service suite.