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#JustTap at these spots

#JustTap whenever you see the contactless sign.
Use FNB Pay at these retailers, at selected stores



  1. Miss Makhamnandi S Zama
  2. Mr Siphesihle N W Biyase
  3. Mr Alexis Papadopoulos
  4. Mr Kelvin Anamuthoo
  5. Mr Tony K Kgoroge

How to WIN

Pay with your FNB Contactless Card in three easy steps

  1. Lookout for the Contactless symbol in-store and on the Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal.
  2. Once the cashier has tallied up your purchases and you are ready to pay, hold/wave your card within 4cm of the Contactless Reader for a few seconds.
  3. The transaction is complete once the green light appears. (Note: Some merchants have waived the need for a signature, others may ask you to sign the till receipt)

Pay with your Android Smartphone in three easy steps

  1. Simply unlock your smartphone with your device passcode (pattern, password, PIN or fingerprint)
  2. Tap your phone on the card machine. You may need to hold the phone down for a few seconds. *Please note your smartphone must be unlocked for payment to be successful.
  3. Your phone will vibrate once for a successful payment and you will receive a push notifcation. For amounts over R500 you will need to enter your PIN on the card machine


#JustTap to WIN

Tap your way to eB100 000

Just tap your FNB Cheque or Credit card or use FNB Pay on your Android smartphone at selected retailers to WIN eB100 000. There will be one lucky winner every week.

#JustTap to enter

How to win eB100 000 weekly

T's and C's apply

Register for FNB Pay

Download or update your app to the latest version. Click on the FNB Pay icon on the app and follow the easy steps to register.

Tap my smartphone

Unlock, tap and hold your Android smartphone on the card machine for two entries into the draw.

Tap my card

Tap and hold your contactless FNB Cheque or Credit card on the card machine for one entry into the draw.

Use your smartphone for easy payments

#JustTap with FNB Pay at major retailers

FNB Pay is now available at big brands such as Engen, Mr Price, Pick n Pay to mention a few. This means you can now #JustTap for just about anything with the FNB App and your Android smartphone - the coolest, fastest way to pay.