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About building insurances

Home Owners Cover (HOC) or simply, building insurance, is comprehensive insurance to protect your building or home from the risk of structural damage usually caused by fire, lightning, flood, storm, wind, hail, snow, bursting of geysers and water pipes, theft, power surges, impact, accidental damage, loss or damage during construction or alteration, explosions, earthquakes not caused by mining activities, subsidence, heave and landslip.

It will usually also cover any alterations that may be done to increase the value of the property, i.e. the physical structure, permanent fixtures and fittings, lapas and swimming pools. Building insurance will generally also cover damage to your primary home including the garden, garage and outbuildings which exist on the property.

Importance of insurance

Insuring your home is not only desirable in South Africa, it is mandatory as banks are not likely to grant a mortgage bond if the homeowner does not insure the structure that is being provided as collateral to the bank for the term of the loan.

While you do have the option to provide cover of your choice, the bank will encourage the homeowner to insure through its associated insurance company. In addition, the bank has negotiated competitive premiums and benefits on your behalf to ensure that you enjoy comprehensive cover.

Remember that your home is probably the most expensive asset you own, and it is therefore important to ensure that you have the best possible cover.

Approved insurance providers

FirstRand Bank Limited has an existing relationship with two preferred insurance providers; FirstRand Short- term Insurance (STI) and FNB Insurance brokers (which is currently underwritten by Santam, Old Mutual Insure and Hollard).

Should you not have received a quote from our preferred insurers, please contact them on the following details:

  • FirstRand Short- term Insurance (STI) - 087 312 0001
  • FNB Insurance brokers - 087 736 7694

FirstRand Short- term Insurance (STI) and FNB Insurance brokers will have a detailed discussion with you to ensure that you are happy with the cover, premium and service. Should the experience be to your satisfaction and you are comfortable with the quote, your cover will be activated with a future date - once the bond registers.

What to expect

If you have opted to provide your own insurance cover for your property to the bank, please ensure that a copy of the policy is provided to the attorneys when the bond registration documentation is being signed. Failure to provide a policy will affect the bond registration process and will result in delays until such policy is provided.

In order to facilitate a seamless bond registration process and client experience, we encourage that the above is adhered to.

Single Facility

Use consolidation to your advantage

You no longer need to maintain both a transactional account and a secured loan account, as the Single Facility offers both debit and credit functionality, together with transactional banking.

What this offers

Enjoy simplified money management and more


The Single Facility helps you in the following ways:

01 One account
Combine your mortgage and cheque accounts into a single account.

02 Save on interest and fees
A single personalised interest rate based on your profile.

03 Consolidate
The option to finance multiple properties in one facility and the ability to secure against mixed collateral.

04 Digital convenience
Transact on your account anytime, anywhere through our digital platforms including online banking and the FNB App.

05 Access to equity
Instant access to your available funds.


Additional benefits

Merge your lending and banking


Immediate access to your funds. Through our digital and online transactional platforms this account provides you with instant access to available balances.

Different repayment options. To suit your requirements, your deal can be structured into an amortising or non-amortising facility.

Transactional flexibility. Enjoy the benefits of transacting on this account at your convenience through our traditional or digital platforms.

Personalised interest rates. You get an individualised interest rate based on your personal account profile.

Multiple and mixed collateral. You have the option to secure your loan using a combination of a property (a single or multiple properties) and shares.

Save on interest. Your interest is calculated on your outstanding balance daily. So whenever the outstanding balance on your loan is reduced, you save on interest.


About building insurance

Home Owners Cover (HOC) is comprehensive insurance to protect your building or home.

Read more

Importance of insurance

Insuring your home is not only desirable in South Africa, it is mandatory.

Read more

Approved insurance providers

FirstRand Bank Limited is affiliated with top insurance companies.

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What to expect

Experience a seamless bond registration process with these guidelines.

Read more

Applying made easy

Single Facility

Qualifying criteria

  1. Earn between R750 000 and R1499 999 p.a. to qualify

How to get it

Apply now!

Other ways to apply

Please contact your Private Banker or the Private Clients Service Suite on 087 575 4727;

Documents needed

  • South African ID document (bar-coded book or smart ID card) or valid South African passport (SA residents).
  • Proof of residence (in your name, and not older than 3 months).
  • Latest payslip or last three months bank statements or latest updated financial statements (if self-employed).