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Your Private Banker

Talk to me about service

This is a committed 24-hour, all-day, every-day relationship right from the start. With Private Clients you have your own dedicated Private Banker to assist you with all your banking needs. These needs don't always keep strict office hours, so your banking relationship with FNB extends to a 24/7 dedicated Service Suite.


What your Private banker can do for you

Always on call

Your Private Banker, is supported by a team of financial specialists. Their task is to help your Private Banker help you, providing through a single point of contact,

  • Assistance with all your banking queries
  • Specialist financial and fiduciary solutions
  • The best savings and investment solutions to suit your needs
  • Assistance with global transactions and arranging Foreign Exchange from FNB
  • Lending which is structured in a way that works for you

The choice is yours

Just a call away

With Private Clients you have the option to contact your Private Banker in the way that suits you best - whether you prefer a direct conversation, or the convenience of digital channels.

Direct phone line

Call your Private banker directly

Direct email

Get in touch with your Private banker via email

Online or with the FNB APP

Contact the Service Suite' when logged in to Online Banking or the FNB App.

Private Clients Service Suite

Contact the Private Clients Service Suite on 087 575 4727