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Documents required

If you are new to FNB, you will need to undergo a "know your customer" (KYC) check at your nearest FNB branch before you can open your account.

You will need to bring proof of

  • Identity: a South African green bar-coded identity document.
  • Physical address: A recent utility account (not older than three months). For example: rates, taxes, water, electricity or telephone account. You can also use a retail account such as clothing, pharmacy, veterinary or doctors' accounts etc.
  • Income tax number(s): If issued

Tax-Free Cash Deposit

The table below illustrates the interest rate you will receive based on the balance in your Tax-Free Cash Deposit.

Published at 2023-05-30

Amount Nominal Interest Rate (per annum) Annual Effective Rate
R300 - R9 999 8.40% 8.73%
R10 00 - R14 999 8.40% 8.73%
R15 000 - R19 999 8.40% 8.73%
R20 000 - R29 999 8.40% 8.73%
R30 000 - R49 999 8.40% 8.73%
R50 000 - R59 999 8.40% 8.73%
R60 000 - R99 999 8.40% 8.73%
R100 000 - R499 999 8.40% 8.73%
R500 000+ 8.40% 8.73%

Nominal rate per annum (NACM): This is the annualised interest rate that you will earn daily and is capitalised monthly. This rate does not take into account the compounding interest effect.

Annual Effective Interest rate: Annualised interest rate that takes into account the compounding interest effect for one year assuming interest is not withdrawn.

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Tax-Free Cash Deposit

Enjoy the full reward of your savings

The Tax-Free Cash Deposit guarantees your capital and quoted returns and gives you access to your money in 32 days.

What this is

Flexibility + convenience

What you get with the Tax Free Cash Deposit:

  • Peace of mind as you won't lose your capital or quoted returns
  • Growth on your savings - knowing the value won't be eroded due to monthly fees
  • Access your money in 32 days
  • Convenience to contribute flexibly either monthly or as a once-off lump sum
  • The option to save regularly through a scheduled transfer to maximise tax savings
  • Ability to open an account in your child's name as there is no age restriction
  • You are able to contribute a maximum of R36 000 per tax year, and a maximum of R500 000 during your lifetime completely tax free

What's hot

100% capital guarantee

Save for your future goals and know your money is safe.

Guaranteed capital

No Risk. Your original deposit and quoted returns are 100% guaranteed.


It's free. There are no monthly fees

Anytime saving

The ability to save from as little as


Manage your account Online or the App


Access to your money in 32 days

Applying made easy

Tax-Free Cash Deposit

Qualifying criteria

You must hold an FNB transactional account or open a transactional account to qualify.

Ways to apply

Apply now!

Other ways to apply

Complete the call me back form

Contact us

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Transfers to and from another institution

Contact us on or call 087 320 4321

Download the Transfer Request Form

Documents needed

Existing FNB customers can apply online via their Online Banking profile.

New customers will need to undergo a "know your customer" (KYC) check at their nearest FNB branch before they can open their account.

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