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Qualifying cards

  • FNB Classic Credit Card
  • FNB Gold Credit Card
  • FNB Fusion Gold Card
  • FNB Premier Card
  • FNB Private Client Card
  • FNB Private Wealth Card
  • RMB Private Bank Card
  • FNB Fusion Premier Card
  • FNB Fusion Private Wealth Card
  • FNB Fusion Private Clients Card
  • FNB Platinum Business Debit Card
  • FNB Enterprise Business Debit Card
  • FNB Business Black Credit Card
  • FNB Islamic Platinum Debit card
  • FNB Islamic Enterprise Debit Card
  • FNB/RMB Private Bank Business Debit Card
  • FNB Gold Business Credit Card
  • FNB Lodge Business Credit Card

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0861 490 100

Schedule of Benefits

Free Automatic Cover (up to the age of 74, not yet 75)

Global Travel Insurance Schedule

Seniors Cover

Seniors Schedule (age 75 - 79)
Seniors Schedule (age 80 - 85)

Travel insurance

Travelling the world

Global Travel Insurance will keep you covered no matter where you go in the world.

Get FREE Global Travel Insurance cover when you use your qualifying FNB card to purchase your international return travel ticket(s).

This offer is available to FNB Debit, Fusion or Credit Card holders below the age of 75 who are residents of any of these countries: South Africa, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland. If you are over 74, FNB provides a specific insurance to suite your needs.


Cover you can count on

SAVE on your insurance and be conveniently covered for the first 90 days of your journey.

Travel Insurance Schedule of Benefits
Travel Insurance Policy Wording
Qualifying cards list

Up to R5 million cover

Up to R5 million cover for medical expenses

Getting it made easy

Travel insurance

Qualifying criteria

  1. Up to the age of 74, not yet 75 (Automatic cover)
  2. A qualifying FNB Card with which to pay for your travel tickets

How to access the benefits

  • Purchase your return travel ticket(s) using your qualifying FNB card
  • Obtain your policy by:
    • Contacting the Global Travel Insurance Help Desk on: 0861 490 100
    • For emergency assistance whilst travelling, contact Medical Services Organisation (MSO) on: +27 11 521 4575 ('Reverse-charge' your call using this number from anywhere in the world)

Terms and conditions apply