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Financial planning


FNB Funeral Plan

Take care of those who matter most

Losing a family member is hard and can be overwhelming. Having funeral cover can ease that burden and provide the financial support needed for funeral expenses.

What you get

Quick and easy payouts

We pay out valid claims within 24 hours, with 1 in 5 claims paid out in 30 minutes.

Cover to suit your budget

Get cover up to R100 000 for yourself and your family members starting from R50 per month.

Premiums paid back

Get up to 6 months of premiums back after 3 years*

Double cover

Includes Double Accidental Death benefit of up to R200 000 each for you and your spouse.

Cover for the whole family

Add up to 21 family members on a single plan. Plus you can cover your family, without needing to cover yourself.

Burial Repatriation benefit

Transporting you and your loved ones to a final resting place within the borders of South Africa.

Cover that suits your budget and family size

Cover your extended family

Lerato (31)

Took out a funeral policy covering those who depend on her financially

  • Her parents aged 55 and 52 with
    R30 000 cover
  • Her grandmother aged 74 with
    R20 000 cover

Allowing her to provide a dignified burial when they pass on at a monthly premium of R473**

Cover your immediate family

Aaron (37)

Has a wife aged 32 and two children aged 4 and 7. He can cover

  • Himself for R30 000 cover
  • His wife for R30 000 cover
  • His two children with R20 000 cover each

All for a low monthly premium of only R124**

Cover yourself

Thandi (55)

Is a businesswoman who supports her sister financially

  • She can take up to R70 000 cover for herself
  • In the event of her death the plan will pay out to her sister for her funeral arrangements
  • Cover includes double the cover amount for accidental death

All for a monthly premium of R253**

Claiming made easy

Your loved ones may not be aware that you have funeral cover. With the FNB Funeral Plan, you have peace of mind knowing that we will search for your beneficiary and pay out valid claims within 24 hours, even if they haven't claimed. We pay out claims quicker than others, with 1 in 5 claims paying out in 30 minutes.