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First Bodyline

Keep up your appearance

Spiraling shopping trolleys and that "did-not-see-the-post-box" incident could have your ride look less than perfect. Avoiding everyday wear and tear on your car is virtually impossible and many of us choose to ignore small dents or scratches due to the high cost of getting it fixed.

A bit of magic to make your jalopy look like new

Not only because image is important, but also because you care about your ride. First Bodyline from FNB is designed to help you pay for these minor day-to-day damages.

With a bit of assistance you get to drive a beautiful car every day and be rest assured that the resale value will be at its best.


Make sure your ride is flawless

The cost of fixing those scratched rims and dented bumper will no longer keep you up. First Bodyline will have your car looking good and primed to go anywhere. You are covered for up to R3000 per maintenance repair.

You get a deal second to none

Restore your car's exterior. Repair chips, dents and scratches on the body of your car, including wheel rims and mags.

We don't ask silly questions

Your car does not have to be assessed. Old flaws are covered if it's within the cover limitations.

Sit back, we come to you

Repairs are done on your premises (unless the nature of the damage doesn't allow for this)

There are no secret fees

There are no additional fees payable if the maintenance falls within the limit. There is also no waiting period.

Take our word on quality

All repairs carry a three-year guarantee. You can make use of an unlimited number of repairs.

Exterior perfection starts here

Certain rules and conditions apply, but luckily this product is simple and straightforward. We do require your car to be less than 10 years.

Wondering about the costs involved? It's only R99 per month to keep your car's exterior bodywork and paintwork in like-new condition.


Get First Bodyline

Have your car look like new

Qualifying criteria

  1. A valid South African green bar coded ID
  2. A valid SA Bank Account

Ways to apply

Call me back

Other ways to apply

Complete the call me back form

Call: 086 111 4937

Documents needed

  • South African ID Book / Card

Terms and conditions apply. Only available for vehicles under 10 years.
First Bodyline is brought to you by First National Bank - a division of FirstRand Bank Limited who is authorised and accredited to market this product. Small Area Repair Technology Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd is authorised to administer this product.