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Difficulty keeping up with your repayments?

We understand that everyone goes through a financial rough patch every now and again, but the worst thing to do is to just ignore the situation.



Falling behind on your home loan is a very serious situation. The fact is, your home is in all likelihood your most valuable possession and by risking it, you are standing to lose so much more than with any other kind of bad debt.

We're here to help you if things are a little more complicated than just making a single payment. With us, you'll always have options, like making a new payment arrangement, or even selling your property through our Quick Sell Plan. All you need to do is to make a single phone call to 087 730 11 00 or send an email to to discuss your options.

The following options are available whilst your account is in arrears:


Payment Arrangement

Every account must be analysed individually according to the individual situation e.g. the severity of the arrears on the account will determine the action to be taken. A "promise to pay" is an arrangement for payment of the repayment in a lump sum. In the absence of full payment then a lump sum with monthly repayments to clear the arrears over a period of time will be determined between the FNB consultant and the customer. A promise to pay will be for a specific date each month and a debit order is a requirement as the repayment will adjust as the rate fluctuates.

Customers are encouraged to make arrangements to repay the arrears amount - from a single lump sum payment to payment over a period not exceeding 12 months. The arrangement will include the normal monthly repayment plus a percentage of the arrears.

Call 087 730 11 00 or send an email to to make your payment arrangement.


Quick Sell

Where customers have no income or vastly decreased income and it is clear that they will be unable to rehabilitate, Quick Sell has been designed to assist and support customers in a dignified way to sell their properties through reputable estate agents in the open market.

Benefits exist for the seller including:-

  • Increased control over the price achieved
  • Reduced estate agent commissions
  • Concessions of up to 25% on the shortfall (difference between selling price and outstanding debt)

This option is far more beneficial to the customer than the alternative which is sale in execution, a legal process where a customers property is attached and sold by the Sheriff of the Court to the highest bidder. In the case of a sale in execution, the property will fetch a far lower price than in a Quick Sell transaction, there will be no concessions and the customer's dignity is rarely left intact.

Find out more about FNB's Quick Sell Plan


Debt Counselling

In certain instances where it is obvious that the expenses far exceed income due to over-indebtedness, the customer may be referred for debt counselling. The benefit to the customer in debt counselling is that the payment proposal will be structured to allow for the upfront settlement of unsecured debt. The home loan payment may be reduced to a minimum of 80% of repayment for this period, followed by increased payment to the home loan so that it repays within the contract period. The debt review process restricts a customers spending habits and builds self discipline.

Any party/ies to a credit agreement that are natural persons can apply for debt counselling. Where a credit provider has already taken steps to enforce their rights under a credit agreement (the sending of a letter in terms of Section 129 of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005); that particular credit agreement will be excluded from debt counselling and arrangements outside of debt counselling need to be confirmed.

To find out more about debt counselling please call 087 730 11 00 or email .


Quick Fix

Where a customer is unable to meet even the normal monthly repayment or requires an arrangement over a longer period than 12 months, he can be referred to Quick Fix (the special arrangements area) where he will be requested to provide:-

  • Proof of income for all bond holders (current payslip for an employed customer or management accounts for a self employed customer)
  • Bank statements for the past 3 month's
  • A current municipal account reflecting any arrears
  • A letter from the municipality or body corporate if there is an arrangement in place
  • A detailed income and expenditure statement
  • An application for arrangement

A new valuation of the property will be requested in need to assess the condition and market value of the property and the team will consider the most appropriate arrangement for that particular customer. Credit checks will also be performed to check the accuracy of his disclosure.

Arrangements could be considered from:-

  • A reduced payment of 80% of repayment for a period followed by step up payments every 6 months until the arrears are cleared (maximum term of the arrangement will be 24 months)
  • A payment holiday for a period of maximum 3 month's followed by step up payment every 6 months until the arrears are cleared (maximum term of the arrangement will be 24 months)
  • Consolidation of debt provided that there is affordability for the customer to repay the higher bond amount and sufficient equity in the property to repay all debts

To find out more about the Quick Fix option please call 087 730 11 00 or email


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