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Terms and Conditions

Terms, conditions and rules apply

Personalised Interest Rates + Limits

At FNB we recognise that each person's needs are unique.

For this reason we have introduced personalised and competitive debit and credit interest rates.

Terms and Conditions apply.

AA Emergency Roadside Assistance

Never be left stranded again. Linked and Standalone Petro Cardholders receive free automatic AA Emergency Roadside Assistance which provides a helping hand when you experience problems with your vehicle.

Benefits include
Roadside Repair Service

  • Out of fuel - Provision of fuel to a maximum of ten (10) litres (cost of fuel is for cardholder's account)
  • Restarting a flat battery
  • Changing flat tyres
  • Key lock-out service to a maximum of R300 inclusive of VAT

Tow-in Service
For mechanical or electrical vehicle breakdowns.
These services are limited to forty (40) kilometres round trip. Thereafter, the additional kilometres are for the cardholder to pay.

Accident Towing*:
In the event of an accident, the AA's own towing fleet or an accredited tow contractor fleet of the AA will tow your vehicle from the accident scene to the nearest AA Quality Assured body repairer centre or to a client approved panel shop. This service is available 24/7/365 days a year.

*This service is not covered by FNB. The AA will facilitate the service and it will be for the cardholder's cost.

Stand By You

  • Request this service when your car breaks down and an armed security guard will stay with you until the AA patrolman arrives
  • In addition to personal protection, this service reduces the risk of hijacking and vandalism whilst you're on the side of the road
  • The service is only available in certain metropolitan areas

Courtesy Services**

  • Car hire
  • Overnight accommodation for you and four other passengers

**Courtesy services are covered up to a maximum of R644 inclusive of VAT for emergencies occurring more than 100 kilometres from your home.

How to use AA Roadside Assistance Service

  • In an emergency please call 0860 70 60 50 and supply your name, surname, ID number and Petro Card number*** to the consultant
  • An AA appointed contractor will be sent to provide you with assistance
  • Upon the contractor's arrival please produce your Petro Card and proof of identity for the service

***Petro Card number is the 16 digit number on the front of your card

Terms, conditions and rules apply.

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Chip & PIN card

Your Petro Card comes with a chip & PIN - an additional security feature.

This means:

  • The card has an embedded microchip that's virtually impossible to duplicate.
  • The microchip works with your PIN instead of your signature for transaction verification.
  • With chip and PIN technology you get increased security against unauthorised use of your Petro Card, convenience and added peace of mind.
  • Remember, your card will not work without your PIN.

You can view your PIN via the FNB Banking App or Online Banking, visit your nearest FNB branch or contact us on 087 575 1111.

Your chip & PIN can be used to pay for fuel, tolls as well as maintenance and repairs on your vehicle.

FNB Credit Card chip & PIN FAQ's

Linked vs Standalone

Linked Petro Card

Since this is linked to your existing credit card, you have a combined limit and your transactions will be shown on your credit card statement.

Standalone Petro Card

This gives you a separate card limit as well as a separate credit card statement.

Simply wave and pay

It's simple, smart and convenient.

Contactless technology allows you to make fast and secure payments for low value purchases by simply waving your card in front of a contactless enabled Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal.

Need to pay for a high value purchase? No problem. For your safety it simply means that you will be required to insert your PIN as usual.

What is Contactless Technology?

Embedded in your FNB Contactless Credit Card is a special chip and antenna. When you wave your card in front of the Contactless reader, your account information is transmitted via short range radio frequency. It's safe, simple and fast.

Why is it a better way to pay?

  • It's easy to use - Simply wave and pay
  • It's completely secure - your FNB Contactless Credit Card is just as secure as any other Chip & PIN card that carries multiple layers of security.
  • You have total control of the transaction and your money because your card never leaves your hand
  • Contactless payments are up to 4 times faster than normal credit card payments which mean spending less time in queues.

Pay with your FNB Contactless Credit Card in three easy steps;

  1. Lookout for the Contactless symbol in-store and on the Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal.
  2. Once the cashier has tallied up your purchases and you are ready to pay, hold/wave your card within 4cm of the Contactless Reader for a few seconds.
  3. The transaction is complete once the green light appears. (Note: Some merchants have waived the need for a signature, others may ask you to sign the till receipt)

Where can I use my Contactless Credit Card?

Your FNB Contactless Credit Card is accepted at merchants locally and internationally displaying the Contactless symbol.

As an additional security feature, the first time you use your FNB Contactless Credit Card, you will be asked to insert your PIN, and thereafter all low value transactions at a Contactless retailer will not require a PIN

FNB Contactless Credit Card FAQs

Petro Card | Never be left stranded with FREE AA Emergency Roadside Assistance

Life is an adventure.
Go where the road takes you.

Get help on the road when you need it most, from just R61 per month.
To qualify, you need to be earning a minimum of R84 000 a year.

View pricing guide

Petro Card

What you get

Standalone Petro Card

A separate card limit as well as a separate credit card statement

Personalised interest rates

Get a limit that suits your lifestyle

Read more

Chip & PIN card

Extra security that works for you

Read more

Contactless payments

Smart technology for quicker payments

Read more

AA Emergency Roadside Assistance

A helping hand

As an FNB Petro Card holder, you'll get free automatic AA Emergency Roadside Assistance so you'll never be left stranded again, including:

  • Out of fuel - Provision of fuel to a maximum of ten (10) litres (cost of fuel is for cardholder's account)
  • Stay safe while waiting for assistance with Stand By You
  • Flat tyre/battery assistance

Applying made easy

Petro Card

Qualifying criteria

  1. You're earning a minimum of R84 000 p.a.

Ways to apply

Apply now!

Other ways to apply

Complete the call me back form

Find a branch

Documents needed

  • Copy of your recent payslip
  • Three months' bank statements
  • South African ID book/card
  • Proof of residence