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Disability Cover

Accelerated (i.e. linked to Life Cover)

In an event of a disability claim, your Life Cover benefit amount will decrease and premium recalculated.

The accelerated Disability benefit cannot be greater than the Life Cover amount.

If a claim depletes the Life Cover amount, then the policy will end.

Standalone Cover

This means your Disability Cover is not linked to the Life Cover amount. Therefore, claiming this benefit does not reduce the cover amount of the Life Policy.

Escalation Options

Yearly increase in:

1. Benefits

To ensure that you are making the most of your cover with us, you may choose to grow your policy's cover amount yearly at either a fixed rate (for example, at 5% every year), or linked to inflation. This means that every year, your cover amount will go up by your chosen percentage.

This yearly increase in your cover amount will also be applied to your premium increase (your premium will increase by the same rate/percentage as your cover amount i.e. Annual Benefit Increase).

2. And/or contributions

You may choose to pay a flat premium for a fixed cover amount over the life of the policy (your premiums remain the same for the duration of your policy).

  • Alternatively, you may select that your premiums and cover amount increase at the same rate.
  • The Annual Contribution Increase (ACI) provides a way to lower your initial premiums.
  • Similarly, Age-rated ACI enables lower premiums at the start of your policy, as yearly increases at younger ages are lower than yearly increases at older ages.

Key Person Insurance

Cover for important
business contributors

Protect your business against the financial loss from losing a key player with cover starting
from R200 000.

This insurance policy is taken out by your business on the life of a key employee and pays
lump sum benefits to your business when the unforeseen happens.

Introducing Key Person Insurance

FNB Key Person Insurance provides Life Cover up to R100 million with no waiting periods and Disability Cover up to R50 million can be added as a rider or chosen as a standalone benefit.

A "Key Person" can be any employee in your business with a special skill or important duties without whom the business will suffer a financial loss.


Options fit for your business

Our Key Person Insurance presents a few options to suit your business needs. Product features include:

Flexible Insurance Terms

Life cover can be selected for a specified term or until the ages of 70 for Life Cover and 60 for Disability Cover.

Escalation Options

Your insured amount can increase annually at either a fixed rate or linked to inflation.

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Terminal Illness Benefit

The full life cover amount will be paid out if the key employee is diagnosed, by a certified medical practitioner, with a terminal illness which results in less than 12 months to live.

Accidental Death Cover

The key employee is covered immediately for accidental death.

Disability Cover

Provides a lump sum payout if your key employee becomes permanently disabled.

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Understanding our offers

We will need some information around your business and your key person/s. The cost of this policy will depend on the protection you seek and any escalations you choose along with the outcome of our risk-based underwriting processes.

Earn eBucks for choosing

Smarter cover for your business

As a valued FNB Business client, this plan allows you to receive a percentage of your monthly premiums back in the form of eBucks, provided you have met the qualifying criteria. eBucks Rewards Terms and Conditions apply. For more details on the eBucks Rewards programme, and how to become a qualifying member, please visit


Getting it made easy

Key Person Insurance

Qualifying criteria

Valid FNB Business Account.
Life assured, Key Person must be:

  1. Older than 18 years
  2. Employed by your business
  3. Younger than 70 years (life cover)
  4. Younger than 60 years (disability)

We will need to contact your key employee/s to answer medical questions as part of the take-up process and may require some medical tests to be performed.

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