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Customer stories

Experience the power of change through 'Artistry' where culture, cuisine and entertainment unite


Experience the power of change through Artistry

Are you looking for an unforgettable experience that ignites your senses and immerses you in the vibrant culture that is South Africa? Look no further than Artistry in the heart of Sandton, the brainchild of J'Something and BlackBrick.

J'Something's journey to Artistry stemmed from his love for music and blend of Portuguese heritage and South African upbringing. After studying in Stellenbosch, his music eventually brought him to Johannesburg, where he found himself becoming part of the beloved South African band Mi Casa, with members Dr. Duda and Mo-T.

After achieving great success in the music industry with chart-topping singles, J began exploring his other passion, food. He began cooking as a hobby, and although he did, and still does not consider himself a chef, he pursued this hobby to bring his passion to life and to put smiles on the faces around him.

J'Something's true desire was to create a unique and authentic experience that blended his two passions, food and music, in a unique and authentic way. And so, Artistry was born.

'Food is my love language, it's the way that I get to show love towards my wife, my family, and my friends. Artistry literally feels like an extension of my house, which is what I really love.'

J'Something is a person who focuses on emotional connections and passions rather than making his core purpose about making money. His aspirations are to spread love and enjoyment to everyone who dines at his restaurant - so finding like-minded individuals who understand the emotional ties in what he does is something he values highly.

This led him to having a conversation with FNB, a bank that believes in helping people reach their dreams and goals. J chose FNB as his preferred bank because he saw the amount of care and time put into clients' future success, especially entrepreneurs willing to make a change.

J explains: 'The highlights of my partnership with FNB would go right back to day one. I value people's belief in me, in my journey, more than anything. Being an entrepreneur and a creative is a vulnerable and scary thing to do, and they believed in us, they backed us, they said yes.'

And FNB has delivered. Today Artistry is a huge success, and a safe place for all creatives to showcase their talent and spread their love language. With J'Something at the helm, Artistry is sure to continue making waves in the entertainment and dining industry.

J'Something's ultimate goal is to take Artistry's cultural platform across the country and even take on the world one day. And he knows that FNB will be there every step of the way, providing the support and financial backing he needs to make his dreams a reality.

And everyone, even the big guys, need a bit of help along the way. That's where FNB steps in. With one simple conversation, your passion can turn into your biggest success.

Let's have a conversation of change today, and let FNB help you on your journey to becoming a leader of change.

Visit the Artistry website for more information

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