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Free Bank Your Change®

Bank Your Change® helps you save money as you spend it. Bank Your Change® is where we round each transactional account card purchase value up to the nearest rand and transfer the difference between your purchase amount and that amount into your Savings Account. It's free to activate and its free of fees.

You can transfer by choosing a top-up amount of R2, R5, R10, R20 or R50. Each swipe adds that amount from your transactional account to the cents you've saved on your purchases, into your Savings Account.

Sound good to you?

To start saving now, call 0860 327 827
Terms, conditions and rules apply.

How does Bank Your Change® work?

How do I access my savings?

  • Get immediate access to your savings at no fee
  • Simply transfer funds to your transactional account via Cellphone Banking, Online Banking, The FNB Banking App or in-branch.

How do I save with a Savings Account?

  • You earn interest on the money in your Savings Account
  • If you have activated Bank Your Change®, your Bank Your Change® savings get transferred automatically into your Savings Account at no cost, giving you a bigger base from which to earn interest.

Bank Your Change® allows you to save even faster. You can select a top-up amount (R2, R5, R10, R20 or R50) and each time you swipe, that amount get transferred from your transactional account into your Savings Account.

  • You can also set scheduled transfers into your Savings Account to help you save regularly.
  • You enjoy the flexibility of saving extra whenever your budget allows.

What are the benefits of a Savings Account

  • It's a free account. No fees are charged on your Savings Account.
  • You earn interest on your Savings Account (Interest* Is tiered and varies from sub-product to sub-product)
  • You get to make free transfers into and out of your Savings Account**

*Credit interest rates are available on under the 'Rates & Pricing' tab.
**The only transactions allowed on the Savings Account are transfers to ad from your linked accounts

Sign up with your phone

  1. Activate by dialing *120*321#
  2. Select Save and Invest
  3. Select Savings Account
  4. Select Start saving

Make it happen

To get this product you need to have an FNB cheque account. Do you currently have an FNB cheque account?

Savings Account

This account is exclusively available to individual cheque account clients


*Rate based on balances from R75 000 up to R99 999

You get instant access to your savings in case of emergencies or unforeseen expenses.

What's hot

Save and invest for emergencies or unforeseen expenses.

Bank Your Change®

Helps you save money as you spend it

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Regular transfers

Set up regular transfers into your account with a Scheduled Transfer

Instant access

Get immediate access to your money

It's free

There are no monthly fees

What you get

Guaranteed capital

No Risk. Your original deposit and quoted returns are 100% guaranteed


Deposit or withdraw any amount, at any time, from anywhere

Reinvest or redirect

Reinvest or transfer your interest to another account


Add to your eBucks reward level points

Getting it made easy

Savings Account

Qualifying criteria

This account is exclusively available to individual Cheque Account clients

Ways to apply

Get it now!

Other ways to apply

Complete the call me back form

Contact us

Find a branch

Sign up with your phone

Terms and conditions for Bank Your Change and Savings Account.

Savings Account: Exclusive to individual cheque and Easy account holders

Published at 2018-11-23

Balance Band Interest (per annum)
R1 - R19 999 5.25%
R20 000 - R24 999 5.50%
R25 000 - R74 999 6.20%
R75 000 - R99 999 6.30%
R100k+ 6.30%