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  1. Login to your Online Banking profile
  2. Select 'Insurance'

Qualifying criteria

Standalone Disability Cover

The Standalone option will not affect your Life Cover amount when a claim is made.

Combined with Life Cover

The combined option will reduce your Life Cover amount by the disability amount claimed. This type of cover is sometimes referred to as accelerated cover or a rider benefit.

Temporary Premium Waiver Benefit

Critical Illness Cover also offers a Temporary Premium Waiver Benefit. If you submit a Critical Illness claim that meets FNB's requirements, all premiums on your policy will be waived for 6 months.

Cover options

Own Occupation Cover Activities of Daily Living Cover Disability Combination
The own occupation disability option covers you in the event that you become permanently disabled and can no longer perform your own occupation, before retirement age. By your occupation we mean your trade, profession or type of work you do for profit or pay. It is not a specific job with any particular employer and is irrespective of location and availability. The activities of daily living option covers you in the event that you become permanently unable to look after yourself and require help or supervision to perform daily tasks, like getting dressed for example. You can choose to have either Own Occupation or Activities of Daily Living Cover, or you could choose to have both. If you have cover for both disability covers, you will be paid out for the first instance of disability in the event of a claim. For example, if you have Own Occupation and Activities of Daily Living Cover and you become permanently disabled and are not able to perform your occupation, then you will be paid out for this disability only.

Terms and conditions apply

Financial Service Provider: First National Bank ("FNB"), a division of FirstRand Bank Limited, Registration No. 1929/001225/06. Authorised financial services provider (FSP No. 3071).

Product Supplier and Insurer: FirstRand Life, Reg. No. 2014/264879/06, insurer no 00102/001. Address: 4 Merchant Place, Cnr Fredman Drive and Rivonia Road, Sandton, 2196

Get in touch

Please call us on 087 736 7774 (option 2)

Apply now

Please log in to online banking to apply for FNB Life Insurance. Alternatively, you can apply on the app.

Apply online

  • Log in to your Online Banking profile
  • Select the 'Insurance' tab at the top of the screen
  • Select 'Apply now'
  • Follow the application prompts

Apply on the app

  • Log in to the app
  • Select 'Insurance' from the menu
  • Select 'Add a policy' and follow the application prompts

Contact us

FNB Life Call Centre number:
087 736 774

Email address:

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Income Protection

This benefit pays out a monthly income (partial or full) should you become disabled or severely impaired.



Dynamic Life≫ Home

Cover that matches your need

  • Always have the right amount of cover even if you unexpectedly draw down or prepay your loan
  • Cover and premiums get updated automatically every month
  • Cover against death, disability, critical illnesses and / or retrenchment
  • Can nominate FNB/RMB Private Bank as a beneficiary and cessions are allowed

Superb value

  • Covers only the risk that you are worried about
  • Save by not paying for cover you don't need
  • Cover is fully underwritten - resulting in the best premium possible
  • No premiums until your bond is registered, but you keep FULL cover for up to 6 months
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Income Protection

This benefit pays out a monthly income (partial or full) should you become disabled or severely impaired.

Permanent Disability

Our Permanent Disability cover offers a lump sum pay-out should you be unable to perform your own occupation or if you are diagnosed and suffer from a permanent impairment.

Critical Illness

Our Critical Illness cover offers a lump-sum pay-out should you be diagnosed with a critical illness. This benefit helps you cover unforeseen expenses which can arise with certain serious illnesses such as paying for medical specialists or high treatment costs, 24/7 care or any other lifestyle adjustments you may need.

Our Critical Illness cover protects you against an extensive range of conditions such as cancer, heart attack, coronary bypass, surgery stroke, dementia, kidney failure, multiple sclerosis etc.

Summary of benefits include:

  • Pays out between 10% - 100% of your cover amount as a lump based on severity of your illness
  • Boost your payout to 100% for qualifying heart attack, cancer and stroke conditions with the Comprehensive and Elite Critical Illness benefits
  • Unlimited cover for unrelated critical illness claims with standalone cover
    Claim up to 300% of your cover amount for a series of related claims with the standalone Elite Critical Illness benefit
  • Pay no premium for 6 months after a valid critical illness claim

Additional benefits include:

  • The Automatic Child Critical Illness benefit pays a lump sum amount if your child is diagnosed with a critical illness, and
  • The Future Family benefit pays an additional 10% of your Cover Amount for a valid cancer claim, to use towards fertility preservation treatment.

FNB Life Insurance

Our benefits provide financial support to your dependants, help to settle outstanding debt, pay for your children's education or pay your estate taxes.

Proactive claims

We know how to pay out claims fast! We search home affairs and proactively find claims that need to be paid out. Over R200 million has been paid out to date.

Terminal Illness Benefit

Get paid out 100% of your death cover benefit should you be diagnosed with a terminal illness and have less than 12 months to live.

Help your family with immediate expenses

Your Life Customised policy includes an additional R30 000 Funeral and a Spend Protect Benefit. These benefits will be paid out to your nominated beneficiary within 24 hours of your claim.

Your Spend Protect Benefit, which is limited to 10% of your Life Insurance amount, pays out a multiple of your average monthly FNB/RMB Private Bank card swipes and any loan repayments to FNB/RMB Private Bank.

The multiple will be determined by your transactional account type held with FNB/RMB Private Bank.

Retrenchment benefit

Helping you protect your income

Let us help you protect your income by adding cover for retrenchment or inability to earn an income.
The benefit will help you manage your monthly financial obligations.

The benefits include:

  • Cover for up to 12 months or until you find new employment
  • Paying no premiums if you have claimed against one of our benefits
  • Cover for both retrenchment or inability to earn an income*
    *Inability to earn an income refers to instances when your employer does not pay you any income for a
    full calendar month, without terminating your employment.

Important information to note:

  • You can only cover up to a maximum of 75% of your net monthly income.
  • Cover does not pay out if you only have a partial loss of income.
  • Cover does not pay out if you were aware of your retrenchment during the 3 months before the start of this cover or if
    you are retrenched during the first 3 months of cover.
  • Benefit ends at 65 years.
  • A 3-month waiting period will apply where no claim will be paid from the benefit start date (or reinstatement) and from the date of your last retrenchment benefit claim payment, for any subsequent claim.

FNB Life Insurance

Does your bank help you with life insurance?

Life Insurance shouldn't be a one-size-fits-all. This is
why we offer a product range which can be
personalised to meet your unique needs and profile.

Our goal is to create life insurance products with you,
our customer at the centre - in death, disability, critical illness or retrenchment.


Earn up to 40% of your premium back in eBucks

Earn up to 40% back in eBucks on your FNB Life Customised or Dynamic Life monthly premiums.

Earn up to 25% back in eBucks on your FNB Life Simplified monthly premiums.

As an FNB Fusion or Current account holder, you could collect up to 2500 points towards your eBucks reward level each month.

To find out how to collect points and earn eBucks from your Life Cover, or for more details on the eBucks Rewards programme, please visit

eBucks is embedded in the insurance product and earn depends on meeting and maintaining qualifying criteria.

Looking after your loved ones

Life Insurance

Taking care of your family the way you would have.

Read more

Retrenchment Cover

Protect your income and maintain your lifestyle. You could add retrenchment as a benefit, which will help you secure and protect your income.

Read more

Critical Illness

Helping you deal with life's complexities if you suffer a serious illness.

Read more

Permanent Disability

Giving you peace of mind if you can't work again.

Read more

Income Protection

Protecting your income if you become disabled.

Read more

Dynamic Life»

Whatever happens, ensure you have a roof over yours and your loved ones' heads.

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Life insurance online

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FNB Life Insurance

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