Best Foreign Exchange Provider in South Africa

FNB has been globally recognised as the Best Foreign Exchange Provider in South Africa for the third year running in the annual World's Best FX Provider awards hosted by Global Finance Magazine.

This is Global Finance magazine's 19th annual World's Best FX Provider award. The winners are selected from 114 countries and 7 global regions using criteria including transaction volumes, market share, scope of global coverage, customer service, competitive pricing and innovative technologies. Global Finance also considered input from industry analysts, corporate executives and technology specialists.

Foreign Exchange - Savings and Investments - FNB

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Global Payments made simple and rewarding

Take the complexity out of transacting globally with access to reliable, safe and convenient Global Payments solution using Online Banking or the FNB Banking App. Whether you are sending or receiving money globally, we'll simplify the process to ensure that your funds reach their destination, and we'll reward you with eBucks.

Make global payments for a host of reasons; including gifts, tuition or investments, and benefit from the following features:

  • Save beneficiaries and upload documents online, making it easier for you and your business to transact anywhere, any time
  • Personalised exchange rates
  • Payments are completed using the SWIFT method of transferring funds and can guarantee a secure and internationally standardised way to transfer money to bank accounts of individuals and entities around the world
  • Confirmation of your payment will be emailed to you upon completion

Earn up to 50% back in eBucks on the transaction charges when you send and receive foreign currency payments online or via the FNB Banking App.

Secure and convenient
travel options

Foreign Notes

Get cash in the currency of the country you are travelling to for taxis, tips and a coffee at the airport.

What Foreign Notes offers:

  • Access to all major currencies and special currencies on request
  • A selection of the denominations suitable to your travel needs
  • Readily available cash for the smaller items on your trip
  • The most accepted form of payment anywhere you go

Order your Foreign Notes online and have them delivered to your door, for free.

Multi-currency Cash Passport™

Manage your travel budget with our chip and PIN enabled prepaid travel card. With the added benefit of loading up to 4 currencies onto one card, travelling has never been easier as it enables you to spend at merchants or withdraw at ATMs displaying the MasterCard acceptance mark.

Benefits of the Multi-Currency Cash Passport™

  • Order and load or reload via FNB Online Banking
  • Avoid currency fluctuations by loading funds in advance
  • Chip and PIN enabled
  • Pay for goods and services at merchants displaying MasterCard acceptance mark (no transaction fee)
  • Withdraw local currency at ATMs displaying the MasterCard acceptance mark (excluding Common Monetary Area).
    May be used at other ATMs but additional fees may apply.
  • Not linked to your bank account
  • 24/7 global assistance
  • Free replacement of lost or stolen cards
  • Additional card available as a back up
  • You can check balances, view transactions and move money between currencies using the Multi-Currency Cash Passport™ mobile app or via
  • Funds can be cashed out and the card can be kept and reused for your next trip.
  • The Multi-Currency Cash Passport™ is valid for 5 years.

Order your Multi-Currency Cash Passport™ online and have it delivered to your door, for free.

Pay in advance

With our Global Payments solution you will be able to pay for your travel arrangements in advance to secure your bookings abroad. We'll simplify the process to make sure you have more time to plan your trip abroad. You can earn up to 50% back in eBucks on the transaction charges when sending foreign currency online or via the FNB App.

What you need

When you pay in advance for travel arrangements; you will require an invoice addressed to yourself with the reservation dates. Depending on the nature of the transaction, our Forex Advisory Team will advise you on any additional documents that are required.

Imports + exports made easy

FNB's import and export solutions cater for your specific needs by helping you unlock international markets, while also protecting you from the risks associated with global transacting.

We can also assist with the following:

  • Payment methods for secure global transfers.
  • Drafting of a Documentary Credit also known as a Letter of Credit.
  • Documentary collections for foreign bills and is a cost-effective method of settling international trade transactions.
  • Foreign guarantees available.

Regulatory Services

Forex transactions

FNB Forex Regulatory Services assists with everything from simple Forex transactions to complicated ones; quickly, easily and securely.

Exchange control services

FNB Forex Regulatory Services offers assistance from an exchange control point of view on how to best navigate the intricacies of emigrating, immigrating and sending funds abroad when starting a business in a foreign country.

South African exchange control requirements

  • Foreign currency for travel purposes may not be bought more than 60 days prior to the departure of the traveller.
  • Travel allowance covers a calendar year (1 January - 31 December)
  • Any unutilised portion of a travel allowance must be resold to an Authorised Dealer within 30 days of your return. You may however, reapply for the unused portion of your discretionary allowance at any time during the calendar year.
  • A South African resident over the age of 18 is entitled to a discretionary allowance of up to R1 million per calendar year. This discretionary allowance can be utilised for any one or more of the following: Travel, gifts, study, donations, alimony, maintenance and investment.
  • Children under the age of 18 years qualify for a travel allowance of R200 000 per calendar year. For travel purposes, a valid travel document must be presented, indicating that the journey commences from South Africa. Allowance may not be issued more than 60 days prior to departure.
  • The costs of land arrangements (hotels, cruises, tours, etc.) are deductible from a travel allowance, except the payment of airfares in Rands.
  • In addition, each traveller may take R25 000 in South African Reserve bank notes when visiting abroad.
  • Where the insurance value of your personal belongings not for sale, exceeds R50 000, you will need a NEP form attested by a bank or by Customs and Excise. Please enquire at your nearest FNB branch should you need this form.

Please visit the South African Reserve Bank website for more detailed information.

SA's Best Foreign Exchange Provider for 3 years running*

Foreign Exchange

As part of our Global Wealth Solution, FNB provides you with a wide range of foreign exchange solutions to complement our offshore offering and further help you optimise your global wealth strategy.

*Global Finance World's Best FX Providers 2017 - 2019

Foreign Exchange solutions

Global Payments

Safe and convenient way to transact online when making international payments or receiving funds from abroad.

Read more

Travel solutions

Make sure you have the right payment option - order notes and a travel card online and get it delivered to your door.

Read more

Imports + exports

We help you unlock international markets and also help protect you from the risks associated with global transacting.

Read more

Regulatory services

Individuals can access the international markets and we can assist with everything quickly, easily and securely.

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Helping you get started

Foreign Exchange

Qualifying criteria

  1. A South African resident
  2. A tax payer
  3. 18 years or older
  4. The holder of a qualifying FNB Cheque Account in good standing

How to get it

Call me back

Other ways to apply

Contact us

Documents needed

  • If you simply want to start investing your funds abroad every month, you can make use of your R1m single discretionary allowance; without having to provide a Tax Clearance Certificate! (Remember, when managing your limit this allowance covers travel, gifts and a number of other types of transactions including investment.)
  • Should the R1m not be sufficient, you can also make use of your R10m foreign investment allowance; with the relevant tax clearance certificate.