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Virtual Card

No more stressing over card fraud. It's simple, safe and smart enough to change its 3-digit CVV hourly. Simply link your personal or business account for secure online shopping.


Convenient & easy to use

Virtual cards are easy to create, cancel or delete, and can be temporarily blocked at any time.

Once added you can manage your virtual card on the app since all your card details are viewable.

Virtual cards are easy to load for online purchases on Takealot, Amazon, and many more, and can be used for online subscriptions such as Uber, Netflix and more.

Virtual cards can also be used for FNB Pay (Tap to Pay, Scan to Pay) and all partner wallet transactions, including Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay, without the need for a physical card.

Get FNB Purchase Protect

Your online shopping - already covered

FNB Purchase Protect offers insurance for items purchased with your FNB Virtual Card at no cost to you. The cover is limited to tangible items such as furniture and personal items like clothing, jewellery, handbags, cellphones and laptops. Items up to R15 000* are covered. From the moment you checkout, your purchased items are insured.

*Depending on your card type

What we cover


Making your money go further

Add virtual cards across all your personal and business accounts and you can also create an unlimited number of cards at no additional cost.

Get rewarded

Make global payments online any time, anywhere and earn eBucks while you spend.

How it works

Once you've inserted the credit card details on checkout, insert the dynamic CVV number that changes every hour.

Getting it made easy

FNB Virtual Card

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