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The FNB Banking App, South Africa's first banking application for smartphones and tablets, gives users an unparalleled user experience. It is the most convenient way to do anywhere, anytime banking.

Conveniently use your Online Banking password to enjoy safe and secure banking.


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Avoid the hassle of queues and paperwork. Simply take a selfie and we will verify your identity*, help you order your card and schedule its courier delivery, as well as verify your address using maps, all from one banking app.

Download the FNB Banking App today and smile, snap, switch.

*You must have a valid RSA ID and be registered at the Department of Home Affairs

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With the FNB Banking App for Smartphones and tablets you can

  • Make payments (including once-off payments)
  • Transfer funds
  • View detailed balances and transaction history
  • Add, edit, or delete recipients
  • Manage your Business eBucks account
  • Manage your FNB cards
  • Send money to any South African cellphone number
  • Access an FNB Call Centre Directory
  • Locate FNB ATMs and branches on a map
  • Buy prepaid electricity, airtime, and data
  • Receive inContact Pro
  • Forex transacting
  • Make geo payments



Business Directory

Promote your business to millions of FNB clients for FREE

The Business Directory is an online platform that lists and displays the information of participating FNB businesses, allowing you to market your products and services to potential clients for free. And it is now available on the FNB Banking App.

The enhanced directory shows the geo-coordinates of your business making it easy for consumers to find you. It also now allows you to upload logos, images and documents (such as price lists, catalogues and menus) to make your profile look much more professional.

All FNB Business account holders registered for FNB Online Banking can register their business on the Business Directory via the FNB Banking App.

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