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Protect yourself

Regularly change your password

Your username and password are your key to your banking accounts. If you use the same username and password on other sites such as shopping sites or social media sites, you could potentially place your banking access at risk.

How to protect yourself

Keep your login details unique

The media recently reported that Yahoo, Linkedin and Dropbox suffered data breaches that exposed millions of customers' usernames and passwords.


Safeguard your profile + accounts

We recommend you select a unique login combination for your Online Banking profile

Update your login details

Simply visit our website, select 'Forgot Username or Password' and follow the prompts under 'Reset Access Details'


Don't be a target

Eliminate the risk that comes with carrying cash

There has been an increase in FNB clients being targeted and robbed after withdrawing money at ATMs, and we therefore urge you to make use of the many other innovative cashless features we offer you, so as to avoid carrying cash, whenever possible.

To eliminate risk, make sure you do not keep strict banking routines, find alternatives to doing large cash transactions, make use of cash carrying companies and Electronic Transfers, and keep all cash transactions confidential.

Remember, our friendly staff at any FNB branch is willing to help you find safe alternatives to carrying large sums of cash.