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How to get a contactless enabled card

If your existing card is not contactless enabled, you don't have to worry, as a new Contactless Card will be issued when your existing card expires.

If you can't wait, and want a Contactless Card now, you can cancel your existing card and order a new one on the FNB Banking App or Online Banking*

Don't have an FNB Card? Apply on the FNB Banking App, Online Banking, or visit your nearest branch.

*Cheque Card replacement fee is R130 per card. Credit Card gives you one free replacement card a year, thereafter it's R130 per card.

Contactless Card

#JustTap your Contactless Card. It's that simple.

Contactless technology allows you to make fast and secure payments for low value purchases by simply tapping your card on a contactless enabled point-of-sale device.

For larger value purchases you will be required to insert your PIN as usual.


What this is

Smart + contactless technology

When you tap your card on the Contactless reader, your card information is transmitted and your purchase can be processed. It's safe, simple and fast.

What's hot

A fast, safe + convenient way to pay


It's easy to use - simply tap and pay.


It's completely secure - your FNB Contactless Card is just as secure as any other chip and PIN card that carries multiple layers of security.

Total control

You have total control of the transaction and your money because your card never leaves your hand.

Quick + easy

Contactless payments are up to 4 times faster than normal card payments which mean spending less time in queues.

Pay your way

Quick + convenient in three easy steps

Step 1

Look out for the Contactless symbol in-store and on the point-of-sale device.

Step 2

Once the cashier has tallied up your purchases and you are ready to pay, tap your card on the terminal.

Step 3

The transaction is complete when the green light displays. (Note: Some merchants have waived the need for a signature, others may ask you to sign the till receipt)

Where to use it

Accepted locally + internationally

Your FNB Contactless Card is accepted at merchants locally and internationally displaying the Contactless symbol.

As an additional security feature, the first time you use your FNB Contactless Card you will be asked to insert your PIN. Low value transactions at a Contactless enabled retailer will no longer require a PIN.

Getting it made easy

Contactless Card

How to get it

Get it now!

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