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Free Bank Your Change®

Bank Your Change® helps you save money as you spend it. Bank Your Change® is where we round each transactional account card purchase value up to the nearest rand and transfer the difference between your purchase amount and that amount into your Savings Account. It's free to activate and its free of fees.

You can transfer by choosing a top-up amount of R2, R5, R10, R20 or R50. Each swipe adds that amount from your transactional account to the cents you've saved on your purchases, into your Savings Account.

How does Bank Your Change® work?

Get immediate access to your savings at no fee

  • Simply transfer funds to your transactional account via Cellphone Banking, Online Banking, the FNB Banking App or in-branch.

Sound good to you?

To start saving now, call 0860 327 827
Terms, conditions and rules apply.

Tips to help you gain better financial habits

Be more financially savvy

with 24/7 help, every step of the way

Did you know? With nav>> Money you can check your credit status, get personalised tips on how to improve your status, as well as see what credit you qualify for.


Be more financially free

by saving more with every swipe

With FNB Gold and Bank Your Change®, we round up your spending and automatically save the difference, helping you grow your savings while you spend.


Be more adventurous

with free access to 2-for-1 deals

With FNB Gold and eBucks we'll help you strech your budget even further with a free subscription to the Entertainer App so you can enjoy a life of 2-for-1 deals.


Go paperless

with access to verified statements on your app

With FNB Gold you can download a verfied statement right here on your app. Simply go to statements and choose your account.


Earn more rewards

by maximising your eBucks

FNB rewards you for your everyday spending with eBucks. Find out how you could earn more eBucks back than you pay in bank fees with our free tool on


Be more future focused

without compromising day-today living

With nav» Money you can track all of your spending so you never spend more than you earn. Helping you navigate your way towards a healthy financial future.


Be in control

with 24/7 banking on the app

With FNB Gold, you have access to do all your banking on the go, on the app. No more branch queues or banking hours. Activate your card, get statements and more.


Articles on how to be moneywise and more

Travel with peace of mind

FNB and eBucks are here to help you go a little further this holiday with amazing rewards, benefits and deals. Whether you're having a vacation or staycation, make every trip you take a rewarding one.


Protect yourself and your loved ones

Creating wealth is not just about saving and growing your money, it's also about protecting your family when you are no longer able to. Life is unpredictable, and ensuring that unforeseen and unwelcome life events don't derail your plans to build a secure financial future is critical.


Draft a Will for free with FNB

If you have children or dependents, then a Will is probably the most important document that you will ever sign in your life. When you sign a Will, you are saying what you want to happen to your money, your assets and most importantly who will be looking after your minor children or dependents should you pass away. A Will also forms the foundation of your financial planning.


Be more. Do more. With the right credit solutions.

At FNB, we know that you have dreams and ambitions. You want to get the most out of your money so that you can achieve more. But we also understand the realities of daily life and know that sometimes you need a little bit of extra help. Whether it's taking care of everyday expenses, unexpected expenses or making major purchases.


Tips for drafting your Will

Your Will is a legal document, so we recommend you get professional help when drafting it.


Download the FNB Banking App

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We're here to help

Get 24/7 help on Secure Chat on the FNB App or call our dedicated Gold Service Suite on 087 575 4653.

FNB Gold

More help so you can do more and be more

Chasing your full-time goals is a full-time job. That's why FNB Gold gives you full-time help with:

  • Free unlimited card swipes, transaction notifications and membership to eBucks rewards.
  • Unlimited day-to-day banking on the FNB App, Online Banking and Cellphone Banking.
  • The best security to protect your card against fraudulent use online.

View the latest pricing guide

We help you set up your account

To get the most out of FNB, make sure you complete the following

Switch your salary and debit orders

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Download and link the FNB App

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Activate your FNB card


Rewards and benefits


eBucks has been designed to help you get more for your money, with FREE membership and up to 15% back in eBucks every time you swipe your card. Through our eBucks partners, you can do and get so much more through spending your eBucks on whatever you want.

Deposit a minimum of R5500 and log in to your FNB App every month to qualify.

As an FNB Gold customer, a range of other benefits is also available to you.

Banker in your pocket with the FNB App

To make things even easier for you, we offer you exclusive products/services and 24/7 help on our app:

All in one place

View balances on your accounts
Make transfers and payments
Access your statements
Buy prepaid airtime, data and electricity

Your security is our priority

We use a number of security mechanisms to prevent fraud on our Banking App.

Helping you nav-igate life

Track your spend and view your credit
status with nav» Money
Buy or sell your home
with nav» Home
Manage your cars, pay fines, renew your
licence disc and more
with nav» Car

We're here for you 24/7

Get real-time help on Secure Chat® on the app.

Money management

Tips and articles for better financial health


Simple tips to help you gain better financial habits and choose the right solutions for you.


Read through a range of articles on how to be moneywise, and so much more.

Let us help you reach your savings goals

Whether you're saving for something small or towards your big dream, we're here to help you get started. We understand that sometimes getting started is the biggest obstacle to saving and helping you achieve more. All you need to do is open a Savings Account and start with what you can afford. You'll get a great interest rate, instant access to your savings and pay no fees.

Invest in the long term

Choose a Tax-Free Account, Notice/Fixed Deposit or Shares Account.

Set up automatic transfers into your savings account

Take out the hassle of remembering to transfer money every month with an automatic transfer into your savings account.

Save every time you swipe your card

Activate Bank your Change® and have a top-up amount added into your Savings Account each time you swipe.

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We cater for
the whole family

We help you look after more than just your day-to-day banking needs, ensuring that you and your family never need to worry about the future.

Protect yourself and your family from financial burden

Protect yourself and your family against the financial strain of a funeral.

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My long-term financial planning

We can help you identify, prioritise and plan your financial future.

Protect the interest of your loved ones with a Will

A valid Will at no cost and up to R1 million Life Cover by simply answering 5 questions

Read more

My legal needs

Understand your legal rights and get access to professional lawyers with Law On Call.

Read more

Access to credit when you need it

We understand that sometimes you need a little bit of extra help, whether it's dealing with the tough months like January, buying a new home, renovating it or making other major purchases. That's why we offer you a range of solutions to best suit your needs and budget, with a personalised interest rate.

For everyday expenses

Credit Card

  • Up to 55 days interest free
  • Free Comprehensive Travel Insurance when you book your return bus, train or plane tickets
  • Free Automatic Debt Protection

For emergencies


  • Always there when you need it
  • You only pay for it when you use it and it stays available for when you need it again

Big purchases and expenses

Personal Loan

  • Fixed monthly repayments to help you budget
  • Choose to pay if off over 1 to 60 months
  • No penalties for early settlement

Buying or building a home

Home Loan

  • Get up to 105% finance
  • Apply on nav» Home and track your application
  • Instant pre-approval

Helping you made easy

We're here to help

For any questions, queries or information:

Chat to us any time, day or night, on Secure Chat on the FNB App


Call our dedicated Gold Service Suite on 087 575 4653