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Educational Institutions

End-to-end financial solutions

Institutional Business is an area within FNB Public Sector Banking with a mandate to formulate strategies, service and manage educational institutions (public schools, further education, training colleges and universities).


What this is

Unique proposition

Institutional Business has a unique and competitive value proposition which is a packaged product offering aimed at catering for unique requirements of educational institutions.

As one of the fastest growing sectors in South Africa, the education sector requires unique solutions - quite different from other commercial entities.


The benefit of experience

Primary multifunctional cheque account + Online Banking with great benefits

  • Call rates on credit balances
  • Preferential pricing
  • Full transaction referencing
  • Immediate notification of movement of funds
  • Funding facilities such as assets finance, overdrafts, etc.
  • Investment solutions
  • Instant Accounting System
  • RentWorks, Africa's largest financier of computer equipments in SA


Partnering with the Department of Education on initiatives


Involved in the principals conferences


Establish a learning academy in partnership with the Department


Involved in acknowledgement of Grade 12 top performers


Strategic sponsorship focus aimed at acquiring new business and retaining our existing base


Formulating strategies

Additional services


Servicing and managing of educational institutions


Packaged product offerings


Unique solutions

Getting it made easy

Educational institutions

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