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Zero-rated data in a nutshell

'Zero-rating' is when an internet service provider (ISP) applies a price of zero to the data traffic associated with a particular application or class of applications (and the data does not count towards any data cap in place on the internet access service).

Things to remember

  • Your device data setting must be switched on for the Banking App to function.
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  • Downloading and upgrading the Banking App will incur data usage. Also, watching FNB Assist videos will incur data usage.
  • Your device will track all data used while transacting on your app, but will not charge for it.

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Get ready for the easiest way to bank. The latest app is packed with innovative features that
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Add, remove and rearrange the icons on your home screen for a look that suits your everyday banking needs. You have the option to restore the default launcher at any time.


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Simply select the search function in the top right-hand corner, enter a key word or phrase and let the app do the search for you. From banking functionality to step-by-step guidance.


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Avoid the hassle of queues and paperwork. Simply take a selfie and we will verify your identity*, help you order your card and schedule its courier delivery, as well as verify your address using maps, all from one banking app.

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Manage your finances

Go for nav» Money

Meet nav» Money, a digital solution offering smart tools to track your money, understand if you will make it for the month,
view your credit status and more. This is what you can do...

Track your spend

Keeping tabs on your monthly expenses

View your available funds

What's left to spend or save after all known
debits are paid

Know your credit status

A general overview of your payment history
and financial behaviour

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FNB Assist

Watch and learn

FNB Assist is a collection of 'How to' videos, aiming at helping you with your everyday banking.

Watch FNB Assist to catch up on our latest products as well as many other interesting interviews and commercials to enhance your banking experience.

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