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Stay on the go

We have partnered with Wimpy at Engen 1Stop, countrywide, to bring you the opportunity to stretch your legs, refresh and rejuvenate while enjoying a delicious Wimpy Burger Meal or Breakfast - on us.

Redeem your voucher in these easy 4 steps:

eBucks Rewards

Do more & get more for less

You can spend the eBucks you earn on fuel, electronics and appliances, travel, books,
CDs and DVDs, flowers, outdoor equipment, fashion - you name it.

Introducing Wimpy meal vouchers on the go! Get a free breakfast or burger when you use the app.


Day-to-day banking

Get rewarded
for banking
on the app

Redeem your Wimpy voucher every 3 months and have a breakfast or burger on us.

What you need to get your voucher

  • An FNB cheque account
  • Be on eBucks level 2 or higher
  • Download & use the FNB Banking App


FNB App requirement

Use the electronic banking channel(s) specific to your age group:


Under 60 years

Log in to the FNB Banking App at least once a month using your own banking profile [download the FNB Banking App here ].

You now qualify to earn eBucks, up to reward level 2, even if you're under 60 and don't transact on the FNB App. Simply meet the following requirements:

  • The deposit/balance rule
  • The good standing rule
  • You transact via Online Banking (instead of logging on to the App)

Over 60 years

Transact at least once a month on any of FNB's electronic banking channels:

  • FNB Banking App
  • Online Banking
  • Cellphone Banking
  • Telephone Banking (Interactive Voice Response only)


Enjoy exclusive services

Travel deals

Get massive discounts on local and international flights booked through eBucks Travel.

With the Banking App you can:

  • View deals on offer in detail
  • Request a 'Call me back' from the merchant immediately, using the app

Shop deals



  • View deals on offer at the eBucks Shop
  • Get detailed information on how many eBucks you need to make your purchase


Qualify for great savings

View your Discount Levels and Reward Level at your convenience, with the Banking App in your pocket.


eBucks card management

Quick tips

Instant service

Enjoy total control and convenience of the app at a touch - whenever you need to.

  • View your PIN
  • Change your PIN
  • Cancel your card

Step-by-step guide

If you need to order a new card or get a replacement, the app will assist you with a step-by-step guide.

Plus, the card will be delivered to you once you have completed the process.

Locate partners

Use the Partner Locator to find what you want in real time

Find where you can earn and spend your ebucks with ease.

  • Search by province
  • Search by partner
  • Search nearby - results based on your location

Set up made easy

FNB Banking App

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