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Download the FNB Banking App

Stay on the go

We have partnered with Wimpy at Engen 1Stop, countrywide, to bring you the opportunity to stretch your legs, refresh and rejuvenate while enjoying a delicious Wimpy Burger meal or breakfast - on us.

Redeem your voucher in these easy 4 steps:

eBucks Rewards

Do more & get more for less

You can spend the eBucks you earn on fuel, groceries, travel, clothing, luxurious gifts, the latest tech and so much more.

Plus you can enjoy more benefits - like a Wimpy breakfast or burger at Engen 1Stops every quarter, on FNB.


Day-to-day banking

Get rewarded
for banking
on the app

Redeem your Wimpy voucher every 3 months and have a breakfast or burger on us.

What you need to get your voucher

  • An FNB Cheque account
  • Be on eBucks level 2 or higher
  • Download & use the FNB App


FNB App requirement

Use FNB's digital banking channel(s) specific to your age group:


Under 60 years

Log in to the FNB App at least once a month using your own banking profile [download the FNB App here ].

You now qualify to earn eBucks, up to reward level 2, even if you're under 60 and don't transact on the FNB App. Simply meet the following requirements:

  • The deposit/balance rule
  • The good standing rule
  • You transact via Online Banking (instead of logging on to the App)

Over 60 years

Transact at least once a month on any of FNB's digital banking channels:

  • FNB App
  • Online Banking
  • Cellphone Banking
  • Telephone Banking (Interactive Voice Response only)


Personalised offerings on the app

eBucks Travel

  • Book flights on the FNB App for you and your family
  • Update your traveller's profile and never enter passengers details again
  • Secure and safe payment where you never have to enter you card details
  • Get up to 40% off selected flights & car rental

*Discounts excludes all taxes

eBucks Shop

  • Shop securely and conveneintly on the FNB App
  • Enjoy up to 40% off selected items


Qualify for great savings

Maximise your eBucks earn by moving up reward levels. The higher your reward level, the greater your reward.
Go to 'eBucks' > 'Earn' > 'Track my rewards' to see your current and potential eBucks earn.


Rewards at your fingertips

eBucks Self-service

Manage your eBucks account 24/7 using the FNB App.
Visit the eBucks tab and select 'Self-service'

  • View the 'Earn More eBucks' tab and get an in depth
    analysis of your eBucks earn. See your current and
    potential eBucks earn per reward category

  • 'Track My Rewards' shows you what you need to do
    in order to move up reward levels. The higher your
    reward level, the more eBucks you can earn

  • 'Smart Spend' helps you track your daily FNB card
    spend. Plus you can earn additional eBucks that get
    paid in your eBucks account during the month

  • The 'My benefits' tabs gives you access to all your
    value-added benefits in one place, including
    complimentary Airport Lounge visits, bonus Airport
    Lounge visits, discounted flights, your monthly
    KAUAI benefit and FNB On The Go.

  • With the 'self service' tab you can order a new
    eBucks card, view or change your eBucks card PIN
    and check your eBucks statements.

Locate partners

Use the Partner Locator to find what you want in real time

Find where you can earn and spend your eBucks with ease.

  • Search by province
  • Search by partner
  • Search nearby - results based on your location

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