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Shopping coupons



All you need to run your life on the go

Maintaining a fast pace and need control over your spend? Buy prepaid products, save with vouchers and coupons and play the Lotto - all on the Banking App.


You may run out of words - but never out of time

Need airtime now? Get it instantly, anywhere. It's for anyone.

Airtime is automatically loaded onto the cellphone as soon as the transaction is completed.

You can buy airtime for anyone else and the airtime is sent to them immediately.



The power is in your hands

Need to burn the midnight oil and low on prepaid?

Recharge your meter conveniently without leaving home.

You can buy prepaid electricity for yourself or someone else.

Keep track of your spend.

You can view prepaid electricity purchase history.


LOTTO and PowerBall

Today may be your lucky day

Do you feel luck is on your side, but you don't feel like queueing?

Play LOTTO and PowerBall tickets anywhere, anytime, through the FNB Banking App.

  • It's a safe, secure and convenient way to play and buy tickets for up to 10 draws
  • View past tickets and replay past numbers automatically stored in their history
  • View latest results + estimated/guaranteed jackpot amount
  • Winnings are paid directly into your account (*If under R50 000.)


Save while shopping

Want to be rewarded while doing the chores?

Browse on your phone and redeem coupons at the till.

Simply while shopping, to save even more.



Shop smart and get discounts

Need to get more value for you money while shopping?

Buy vouchers on the FNB App while you shop, or send as a gift. Pay in rands, or use eBucks for discounted vouchers.

To buy:

Go to 'Buy', choose your store and voucher amount and then select 'Enter'.

To redeem:

Open the FNB App, go to 'My Vouchers' and select the voucher you wish to redeem.


Getting it made easy

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