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View the Share Swarm

Share Swarm is an interactive graphic representation of the JSE market. Each bubble represents a share on the JSE and its performance since the beginning of the day. Click on the bubbles to see more info on the share.

Understanding the Share Swarm

What it is

The Share Swarm is an interactive graphic representation of shares and various other tradable entities available on the JSE. This is displayed using circle devices ("bubbles"), which are plotted on a graph, where the horizontal axis depicts SHARE PRICE (in ZAR) and the vertical axis depicts SHARE ACTIVITY. Therefore, the more trades made on a share, the higher it's bubble will sit on the grid. Similarly, the further right a bubble sits, the higher its share price.

The bubbles also have a border line that becomes thicker depending on the percentage the share has increased or decreased in price. This percentage number is shown in the centre of the bubble when you roll your mouse-cursor over it. If a share has made positive movement, i.e. increased in share price, this line will be green in colour, whilst a red line will be shown for a decrease in price. Gold, silver and bronze medals are pinned to the share bubbles that have made the most positive movement respectively.

The data displayed in the swarm, supplied by McGregor BFA, streams via a 15 minute delayed feed. The swarm will then automatically update every 15 minutes, but you have a choice to pause that update by clicking the play/pause button on the McGregor BFA logo at the top right of the swarm.

Share Builder Swarm

The share bubbles shown in the Share Builder swarm represent the pre-selected top performing and diversified shares that have gone through a strict selection process which includes analysing both the company and the market in which it operates. A selection of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's) are also included.

When the Share Builder view is selected, the check box in the bottom right corner of the interface next to the SHARE BUILDER SHARES heading will be ticked.

Share Investor Swarm

The share bubbles shown in the Share Investor Swarm represent all the tradable instruments (shares & ETFs) currently available on the JSE.

When the Share Investor view is selected, the check box in the bottom right of the interface next to the ALL JSE SHARES heading will be ticked.

How to use it

When you scroll your mouse over a bubble, the name of the particular share or exchange traded fund it represents will display next to it. When you click on the bubble, a panel will open that will give you more information on the share and it's activity, total value of trades, highs, lows, closing price and links to VIEW PERFORMANCE.

Making the Swarm move

The display of the swarm can also be adjusted for easier viewing. On arrival at the site, the bubbles are plotted on the graph in positions relative to the horizontal and vertical axis. An icon attached to the mouse cursor represents the alternative view of the bubbles that is available if a user clicks on the swarm grid.

If you'd like to view the shares in order of performance for that particular moment in time, move your mouse curser to the teal graph background and click. This will spread the shares out in order of performance (this will work for both SHARE BUILDER and SHARE INVESTOR views). To return to the previous view, you can either click on the grid background, or click on the white round "X" icon on the right of the grid, below the red and green circles.

To view shares that have had a positive movement in share price, you can also filter the swarm by positive and negative movement by clicking on the RED or GREEN circular icons on the right of the grid.

Historical Performance

Clicking the VIEW PERFORMANCE link will take you to a historical performance screen that shows the best investment returns and behaviour patterns of that particular share over the period of a year, relative to its price. Each share is assigned its own colour so that its line on the graph can be referenced to the list of shares on the right, or simply just roll over the graph line to see it's share name. You can turn the lines on the graph off and on at any time by ticking the box next to the share name of your choice.

To return to the swarm view, simply activate the VIEW SHARE BUILDER SWARM button at the bottom left of the interface. Similarly, you can switch from the swarm to the graph view at any point in your experience by clicking the VIEW HISTORICAL PERFORMANC button.

Customising your Swarm
The Swarm is fully customisable to what you want to see. You can customise the ticker tape to only see the shares that you are interested in tracking by clicking on the CUSTOMISE SHARE STREAM tab.

The historical performance graph can also be customised to view particular shares by simply ticking which shares you want to view.

Trading tools

Easy to use trading tools

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