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Diversify your portfolio

You will be able to invest in the full range of Krugerrands

  • 1 oz
  • 1/2 oz
  • 1/4 oz
  • 1/10 oz

Safe custody of your Krugerrands through Rand Refinery Ltd. until you wish to sell them or take personal possession of them. Guaranteed buy-back on your coins if you choose to keep them in safe custody at Rand Refinery Ltd.

Pricing + fees

Account fees:

Minimum account balance SA residents*

Minimum account balance Non-SA residents and emigrants*

Custody fee
0.86% per annum for safe custody at Rand Refinery Ltd. This is based on the value of your coin holdings and is calculated on a daily basis, and charged

Transaction fees:

Trade option Now trades Delayed trades (at 15:00)
Brokerage fee* 0.5%(min R100) excl. VAT 0.7% (min R100) excl. VAT
Investor protection levy 0.0002% plus VAT Not applicable
STRATE settlement charge 0.005787% (min R8.25 and max R88.92) Not applicable
Securities transfer tax (on share purchase) 0.25% Not applicable

All share prices are delayed by 15 minutes.

Delayed trades only applicable on shares included in the Share Builder basket.

Note: *FNB reserves the right to temporarily amend the minimum balances during periods of extreme market volatility.

Share Investor

Be in control.

IIt's your time to take control and invest the way
you think best. With us, it's uncomplicated to invest in the
full range of JSE listed shares, Exchange Traded Funds,
Exchange Traded Notes and Krugerrands. With us you
can trade shares and transact with a single sign-on.

If you already have an account, let's show you how it works with this easy SELF-HELP GUIDE.


Access top global shares, from only R10

Now you can benefit from the growth of your favourite global shares like Netflix, Facebook and Google (Alphabet). What's more, you don't need to convert your currency if you don't want to. Access to the biggest global companies has never been this easy.

  • Choose if you want to invest with or without currency exposure - if you want Dollar exposure, select the share with a C, if you don't select Q
  • Earn eBucks reward level points when investing
  • Trade easily - simply search FNB ETN on your share trading account and invest

Shares currently include: Alphabet, Apple, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Facebook, McDonalds, Microsoft, 1 Shares Core MSCI World ETF, Netflix and Tesla

FNB ETN Fact Sheet

Build your ideal portfolio.

If you have an investment strategy, we have the tools to assist you in creating a portfolio that matches. Enjoy 24/7 access to your portfolio via Online Banking or the app. Have a look at some of the possibilities.

No broker

No need to deal with a broker.

You decide

Your choice to invest in local and dual listed shares.

Get rewards

Earn eBucks rewards.

Get information

Access tools to help you make decisions.

Diversify investments

Invest in Krugerrands to diversify your portfolio.

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  • Proof of residence