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Invest or trade in shares

Your solution to making smart money moves

We can help you invest or trade whether you are a newbie or experienced, need a bit of expert advice or want to handle it on your own, we have the perfect solutions to help you invest or trade.

Shares to invest


FNB Shares Zero

Invest for less

  • Zero monthly fees
  • Exposure to the top listed local and global companies

Share Saver

Let us invest for you

  • Affordable investing from R300 where we choose for you
  • Invest locally or offshore

Share Builder

We've got your back

  • Choose from a pre-selected basket of shares, ETFs and global ETNs
  • Invest in Krugerrands

Share Investor

Build your ideal portfolio

  • Invest in the full range of JSE listed shares, including global ETNs
  • Quickly take advantage of market opportunities

Tax-Free Shares

Your returns just got real

  • Start investing from R300 per month
  • All returns are tax free

Global ETNs

Get exposure to top global shares

  • Get exposure from just R10
  • No need to take your money offshore


Invest in Krugerrands

  • Diversify your portfolio
  • Easy and cost-effective way to invest in Krugerrands

Shares to trade


Local Trader

You decide, you trade

  • Make informed decisions with our trading tools
  • Keep up to date with market research

Global Trader

Diversify your portfolio

  • Invest in 30+ global exchanges
  • Trade in one of three major currencies

Contracts for Difference

Leverage your portfolio

  • Put down a small percentage of the total trade value to get exposure to shares listed on the JSE.
  • Real-time risk management

Share portfolios


Share Portfolios

Portfolios tailored to your investment needs

  • We manage the portfolios for you
  • Invest from R1mil locally and R2.5mil globally
  • Work with our Portfolio Managers to build your ideal portfolio

Tools to help you invest & save


Understanding shares

Get some information

  • Trading jargon made simple
  • See important FAQs

Trading tools

Make an informed decision

  • Use the share calculator
  • Get to know the Share Swarm