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> R10m annual turnover

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We help you choose You choose your own You choose your own You can trade globally
Share Builder
R100 account balance
R25pm account fee
Share Investor
R200 account balance
R59pm account fee
Local Trader
Min deposit R25, 000
R70pm account fee
Global Trader
Min deposit $10, 000
Share Prices Delayed Delayed Live Delayed or Live
Summarised share and market information, which graphs Yes Yes No No
Comprehensive charting tools No No Yes Yes
Researched reports No No Yes Yes
Kruggerands Yes Yes No No
Shares / ETF / ETN Yes Yes Yes Yes
Limited basket Excl ETN
CFD / SSF / Warrant / Bonds No No Yes No
Access to global markets No No No Yes
Management tools Watch list, price alert Watch list, price alert, stop loss Watch list, price alert, stop loss
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Share Investor + Local Trader

With Share Investor, invest in a full range of JSE listed shares and Krugerrands, with access to user-friendly tools and information (delayed pricing).

With Local Trader, get exposure to locally listed shares on the JSE and other JSE authorised products as well as access to new listings and competitive money market rates. Access a variety of tools and information (live pricing).

Portfolio management

An investment portfolio managed on your behalf with 3 options to choose from. Choose between being fully managed, just receiving professional advice or your own unique solution.

Where everyone can invest and trade

Whether you are new, an expert or somewhere in between, we have a product or service designed for you.

Long-term investing