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Invest monthly, from as little as R300
Choose from a basket of pre-selected shares
Invest in the full range of JSE listed shares
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About choosing shares You don't have to choose your shares, we do it for you To help you choose your own shares we've put together a basket consisting of top performing diversified shares that have gone through a strict selection process which includes analysing both the company and the market in which it operates Ideal if you have some experience in share investing and enjoy the challenge of doing it on your own
Investment amount Invest from as little as R300 per month or a lump sum from R1000 The typical investment size is R2500 per trade The typical investment size is R5000 per trade
Available to SA residents only, with an FNB transactional account SA residents only SA residents, non-residents and emigrants
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  What do you get?
Invest in the top 100 JSE listed companies, consisting of RMB Top40 and RMB MidCap Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) Invest in a basket of pre selected JSE blue chip shares and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's) to get you started Invest in all shares and traded instruments listed on the JSE
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Minimum balance No minimum balance or opening deposit required Minimum account balance of R100 SA residents: Minimum account balance of R200. Non-residents & emigrants: Minimum account balance of R500
How much will you pay each month? (excl broker fees) Monthly fee is based on the market value of your portfolio eg. R0 - R250 000 at 0.5% per annum plus VAT, and for higher portfolio values, even lower Monthly fee of R19 SA Residents monthly fee of R49 Non-residents & emigrants monthly fee of R75
How much will I pay per trade? Choose to trade the first trading day of the month at a brokerage fee of 0.10% of trade (plus VAT), or trade today at 15:00 at a brokerage fee of 0.6% of trade value with a minimum of R80 per trade (Exclusive of VAT, IPL and STRATE charges). 2% of trade value with a minimum of R50 per trade excluding VAT. No other costs apply. Now trades at a brokerage fee of 0.6% of trade value with a minimum of R80 per trade. Or on selected shares, choose to delay trades to 15:00 today at 2% of trade value with a minimum of R50 per trade. (Exclusive of VAT, IPL, STT and STRATE charges)
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Immediate transfers between FNB transactional accounts
Set up monthly instruction to buy shares    
24/7 placing of trades
inContact on trades
Complete integration with FNB Online Banking
Dedicated call centre for queries
Access to share info
Access to gold info  
Access to Share Swarm
Quarterly statements
Learning centre for shares and Krugerrands
Real time trading    
Corporate actions done on your behalf  
Share Investing
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