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FNB Exchange Traded Funds

Our Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), give you access to a range of assets, such as shares and bonds, across various industries. You can use these ETFs as building blocks to construct an investment portfolio in a cost efficient and simple manner. Plus, you can diversify your risk according to your own risk appetite.


What is an ETF?

An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), is a fund that is listed on a public exchange, like the JSE, and typically tracks an index.

Explore the basics:

  • ETFs enable investors to buy a collection of assets, like shares or bonds in one fund.
  • Assets are grouped together, allowing for a single ETF to consist of multiple assets, reducing your risks in a simple and cost-efficient manner.
  • ETFs often focus on specific themes or segments in the market. This could simply be local or foreign equity, or something specialised like medium-sized companies or inflation-linked bonds.
  • ETFs exhibit intraday market volatility similar to their underlying assets, allowing you to buy or sell them during normal trading hours similar to a share.

How it works

Open an account

ETFs are available on all our share products including FNB Shares Zero, Share Saver, Share Builder, Share Investor, Local Trader or through your Portfolio Manager.

Invest easy

Search for the ETF you are looking for and invest. Simply click, pick, done.

Take your pick

Together with our team of experts, FNB has a range of ETFs to meet your investment needs.

ETFs available to you from FNB

The Ashburton Collective Investment Scheme in Securities Exchange Traded Funds ("the Scheme") is appointing a new management company FNB CIS Manco (RF) (Proprietary) Limited. The impact of the new appointment will result in the changing of the name of the Scheme to the FNB Funds Collective Investment Scheme in Securities Exchange Traded Funds and its underlying portfolios, effective 9 February 2022.

FNB ETF Programme Memorandum