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Use at ATMs

Different types of FNB ATMs
These are ATMs that allow for automated deposits. Save time and money with cheaper cash and cheque deposits.

  • Funds from cash deposits are available immediately
  • Funds from cheque deposits are available after clearance

Find the nearest ATM here*

Find all the branches with ATM Advance with automated deposits.

Mini ATM*
These do not dispense cash; cash redeemable vouchers are issued*.

These are situated at areas without ATM infrastructure.*

Call 087 575 9406 (24 hrs) to cancel lost or stolen cards. Lost/stolen cards can be replaced at any FNB branch*.

Terms, conditions and rules apply.

*Not applicable to Stokvel and Smart Save accounts.

Stokvel Account

Published at 2020-05-22

Amount Interest
(per year)
R1 - R999 0.25%
R1 000 - R19 999 0.25%
R20 000 - R49 999 2.00%
R50 000 - R69 999 2.05%
R70 000 - R99 999 2.10%
R100 000+ 2.15%

Stokvel Account

Helping you reach your Stokvel goals together

FNB Stokvel Savings Account is a group savings account for individuals who want to
save for a common purpose with a better rate of return.

View our pricing guide for more details.

What you get

A savings account for a group of individuals


With the Stokvel Account, you can

  • Save for a common purpose with a group sharing account
  • Safely pool funds in a group
  • Have two or more signatories on the account


  • No monthly account fee
  • Get access to your savings immediately
  • Free inContact messages to all signatories
  • Competitive interest rate based on the amount invested

What's hot


Free notification messaging service

Deposit at ATM

Deposit cash when you need to

It's free

There are no monthly fees

Tiered interest

Interest rates are based on the amount you invest


A free electronic messaging system sending transaction notifications to your smartphone.

inContact offers you the ability to:

  1. Identify any unauthorised transactions on your accounts and report fraud immediately.
  2. Receive messages for transactions on accounts that belong to you only.
  3. Set your desired amount from as little as 1 cent and get notifications on the FNB App of money going in and out of your account.
  4. Manage the funds in your accounts.
  5. Receive messages with details of your multiple debits that are processed overnight, e.g. debit orders, stop orders and scheduled payments.
  6. Customise the notifications received. You can:
    • Choose when you want to receive your messages - during the day (7am - 8pm) or 24 hours a day
    • Choose to be notified of any transactions that exceed an amount specified by you
    • Choose how to receive notifications - via SMS, email or both
    • Choose which accounts you want to link to inContact

inContact will not send messages for transactions on accounts you access via a link or mandate. You can register for this service at any FNB branch.

Decline inContact messages are an innovative and convenient method of advising customers of why their transactions have been declined. These messages are identical to normal inContact notifications and this service is also free.

Terms , conditions and rules apply.

Free balance enquiry

Want to find out if you have enough?

Check your financial health for free.

Simply view your balance without worrying about incurring any fees.
No charge, no stress.

Terms, conditions and rules apply.

Earn interest

It's like getting money for nothing.

By simply having money in your account, you will earn interest on it.
Want to make your money grow?

Then make sure you give it some time to earn interest.

And if you wait even longer, you'll start earning interest ON interest.

Terms, conditions and rules apply.

Applying made easy

Stokvel Account

Ways to apply

Call me back

Other ways to apply

Contact us

Find a branch

Documents needed

  • Identification document (South African ID book/card for each signatory)
  • Proof of residence for each signatory on the account
  • Group's Constitution detailing the nature of their operation