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Online Banking

It's all about convenience at your fingertips


Online banking, banking convenience with greater flexibility. Pay, transfer, trade, purchase and invest wherever and whenever it suits you. Subscription to online banking is FREE.


With online banking it's all about convenience at your fingertips! We offer loads of products such as prepaid electricity and airtime vouchers. Buy electronic devices and view hot offers from the eBucks Shop.


Using this convenient online system, you can manage your money and have access to additional banking services such as foreign exchange, PayPal, investing in shares and much more.


View step-by-step demos on how to register for online banking, use prepaid services and learn all you need to know about online banking terms and conditions.


We take safety and security very seriously. That's why we offer you free inContact messages, OTP notifications and Webroot™ protection software.

How to activate your online banking profile

Before you can transact on your online banking profile you need to activate your registration.

Activate your profile

If you have a Chip Card and PIN

  1. Find your nearest FNB ATM
  2. Put in your card and enter your PIN
  3. Select More
  4. Select Cellphone/Online Banking
  5. Select Verify FNB App/Online Banking and follow the instructions

I don't have an eReg Card

We will call you within 48 hours from registering for online banking to activate your profile.

Activate business profile

OR activate your registration for online banking at any FNB branch.

If you do not have a chip card and PIN, contact Online Assistance: 087 575 0000.

I have an eReg Card

If you used your eReg Card to register for online banking, your online banking profile will only be activated once we have confirmed delivery of your eReg Card. This can take up to 48 hours.

If you urgently need to activate your profile, please take your eReg Card and ID document to your nearest FNB branch for assistance.

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Online Banking