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What you can do with Online Banking

  • View detailed balances and transaction history
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Make payments (including once-off payments)
  • Add, edit or delete recipients
  • Send money with eWallet
  • Send and receive global payments
  • Buy Forex and get it delivered to you
  • Open new accounts in under 10 minutes
  • Get personalised offers for upgrades, limit increases
  • Order new smartphones and tablets
  • Buy prepaid airtime, data and SMS bundles
  • Buy prepaid electricity
  • Buy and sell shares and Krugerrands
  • Download and recreate account statements
  • Place notice on your savings accounts
  • Manage your eBucks account and find partner stores
  • Cancel, order and activate FNB cards
  • Activate/update Online Secure
  • Link, top up and withdraw from PayPal
  • Contact your Premier or Private Banker
  • Locate ATMs and branches close to you
  • View Forex rates
  • Link the FNB Banking App
  • Register for Cellphone Banking and more

FNB Banking App

Unparalleled simplicity and convenience

As a registered Online Banking user you can access the FNB Banking App.
Download the free app from your App store for Android™ and Apple™ devices.

Using the Free FNB Banking App you can

  • Make and receive Geo Payments
  • Set up Stop Payments
  • Make payments and transfer funds
  • View transfer and payment history
  • Send money
  • Contact your Team of Premier Bankers
  • View accounts and detailed balances
  • Locate FNB branches or ATMs
  • Access an FNB directory
  • Make and receive calls
  • Send and receive messages
  • Buy prepaid products
  • Top up your FNB Connect accounts
  • Purchase FNB Connect ADSL bundles
  • View foreign exchange rates

View the software license agreement and remote banking agreement
*Android devices include HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Huawei. BlackBerry devices include the Torch, Storm, Bold and Curve that are OS5 or higher

Terms, Conditions and Rules apply.

Online Banking

Bank safely and securely 24/7 with Online Banking.

Online Banking is the convenient, real-time way to access your accounts. Pay, transfer, trade and invest using easy online navigation - all from the comfort of your couch.

Banking Online is:

  • Convenient. You can do most things via Online Banking that you can do in a branch.
  • Secure. Keep track of your transactions with free inContact, OTP notifications and online protection software.
  • Simple. All you need is an FNB bank account and access to the internet.

When using your Online Banking, you pay no data fees.

With Online Banking you can do your day-to-day banking:

  • View detail balances and transactions
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Stop/reverse debit orders on Mobile and eChannels
  • Make payments
  • Manage recipients
  • Send Money
  • Download account statements

You can also buy:

  • Prepaid Airtime
  • Data Bundles
  • SMS Bundles
  • Prepaid electricity

You can use Connect to:

  • Link your FNB Banking App to your Online Banking profile

You can take control and protect your account by:

  • Managing your FNB cards
  • Viewing/updating your PINs
  • Activating/Updating Online Secure

You also get additional features that include:

  • Managing your eBucks account and finding partners
  • Getting personalised offers for upgrades and limit increases
  • Ordering new smartphones and tablets
  • Opening new accounts in under ten minutes
  • Buying and selling Krugerrands

View our How to register for Online Banking demo

Terms, conditions + rules apply.

Team of Premier Bankers

Make the most of your money.

Premier offers you a specialised team of Premier Bankers to help you control your finances.

We offer premier guidance through the world of banking to simplify your banking experience.

To find out more about Premier, call us on 0875 777 000, between 8 am and 6 pm Mondays to Fridays,
and between 8 am to 1 pm on Saturdays.
We are closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Terms, conditions and rules apply.

Branches + ATMs

New ways to get rewarded

Make your money go further each month with more rewards and family benefits from eBucks.

Even more benefits you know and love

  • Earn up to R4 per litre back in eBucks at Engen when you have accepted the nav» Car terms of use for your vehicle that is loaded on the FNB App under nav» Car
  • Earn up to R8 per litre back in eBucks per quarter at Engen when your vehicle is financed with WesBank, Toyota Financial Services or Volkswagen Financial Services and you have accepted the nav» Car terms of use on the FNB App
  • Earn up to 15% back in eBucks at Checkers and Shoprite
  • Enjoy a fresh smoothie, coffee or up to R100 to spend in-store at KAUAI every month when you use your FNB Premier Fusion or Credit Card for 100% of your monthly spend
  • Enjoy up to 8 complimentary Domestic SLOW Lounge visits per year, depending on your reward level

Even more family benefits

  • Get up to 40%* off on selected flights and car rental for you and your family when you book with eBucks Travel
  • Earn up to 12 additional SLOW Lounge visits - Domestic or International - for you and your family when you book flights through eBucks Travel
  • Enjoy 2-for-1 specials in 2020 with The ENTERTAINER™ and let FNB cover the sign-up cost

For more information on eBucks Rewards and how you can make your money go further, download the FNB App or visit .

*Discount excludes taxes. Terms, conditions and rules apply.

Premier Bundle

The Premier Bundle offers great benefits and rewards while giving you all
the convenience you need for your daily banking needs.

  • Bundle Monthly Account fee R219 p.m. (The Bundled pricing option is a discounted fee which includes your qualifying Premier Cheque Account monthly account fee, Credit Card monthly account fee and facility fee as well as your Credit Card Monthly Rewards Fee and the fees of up to one additional credit card, excluding Petro Cards).

New ways to get rewarded

As an FNB Premier client, you can make your money go further each month with eBucks.

Enjoy even more rewards and benefits for the whole family.

Even more ways to earn

  • Earn additional eBucks with Smart Spend when you use your FNB Premier Credit Card, FNB Premier Cheque card or FNB Pay for your monthly spend
  • Earn up to 40% back in eBucks on your Video Streaming (Netflix) and Music Streaming (Spotify®) subscriptions when your family banks with FNB
  • Earn up to 100% of your monthly account fee back in cash when you have an FNB Premier Cheque account and all your personal loan debt with FNB

Even more rewards partners

  • Earn up to 15% back in eBucks on health and beauty at Clicks
  • Earn and spend eBucks on food orders with the Mr D Food App


Transacting made easy with your Premier Bundle

As a Premier client you enjoy all-inclusive value with the Premier Bundle at a single discounted fee. This includes your complete day-to-day banking product suite, more included transactions as well as better rewards and benefits.

  • The opportunity to bank for free - pay no monthly fee when you maintain a minimum balance of R50 000 in your Premier Cheque Account.

Terms, conditions and rules apply


Simple account management

It's easy, secure + subscription is FREE

Manage your accounts on the go, wherever, whenever you want with Online Banking. Download the FNB Banking App for free and do all your banking the way you've been doing it online and on your cellphone and more.


Solutions to make every day simple and easy

There are many ways to transact with FNB

  • Swipe your Premier Cheque or Credit Card
  • Bank in seconds with FNB Banking App or FNB Online Banking
  • Use eWallet to pay a bank account or a cell phone number
  • Do cardless cash withdrawals with the FNB Banking App

Here are just some of the things you can do using the FNB Banking App or FNB Online Banking:

  • Payments and transfers
  • Buy prepaid electricity
  • Pay for traffic fines

What you can do with Online Banking

What you can do with the FNB App


Stay up to date with


With news you can trust from leading online newspaper publications.

As an FNB Premier customer who holds a Fusion Account or Cheque & Credit Card you will receive a discounted subscription to a variety of world-class publications such as Business Day, Financial Mail and the Sunday Times.

These respected South African media sources guarantee you credible news, always.

Subscribe and save

The monthly subscription will give you access to:

  • Business Day e-edition (digital replica of the newspaper)
  • Financial Mail e-edition (digital replica of the magazine)
  • Full digital access to the Sunday Times (including e-edition)

New subscribers pay R10 for the first month, and thereafter receive a 50% discount and pay only R174 per month.

Copy and paste this link into your browser to subscribe:

View the terms and conditions

Create & pay with your own
virtual card

The new virtual card on the FNB App is the faster, safer and more secure way to pay for online purchases wherever you are in the world.

It's safe

Your CVV number changes every hour. Create, cancel, delete or block your card at any time.

It's convenient

For online purchases and subscriptions - no need for a physical card. Add unlimited virtual cards for FREE.

Earn eBucks

Make your money go further and earn eBucks while you spend online.

Getting it made easy

Premier Bundle

Qualifying criteria

Annual salary between R240 000 and R749 999

How to get it

Apply now!

Other ways to apply

Contact us

Documents needed

  • South African ID book/card
  • Recent payslip
  • Proof of residence
  • Spousal consent (if married in community of property)