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Get a free credit report

You can get a free credit report once a year from any of the major credit bureaus in South Africa.

These are:
- XDS ( )
- Experian ( )
- CompuScan ( )
- TransUnion ( )
- Consumer Profile Bureau ( )

Improve your chances

How to improve your chances of getting a loan

It is important to keep your financial house in order. The Bank wants to know that you can make your monthly repayments. For this reason it looks at your income, your employment history and how you have been paying your bills.

The Bank never wants to over indebt you with credit. There are checks in place to ensure that it does not lend you more than you can afford to repay and will always look out for your best interest.

Things to remember

  • When you have a loan, always keep your loan repayments up to date. This puts you in good standing for a further loan should you need it.
  • To avoid additional interest charges, make sure you always have enough money in your account for your loan debit order and that your debit order is the same date as your salary date. This avoids you skipping payments and you will be able to budget easier and have a good credit record.
  • Paying extra on your loan could help you settle your loan faster. You will pay less interest charges and you won't be charged a penalty fee if you settle your loan early.
  • Ensure that you read carefully through your loan Credit Agreement, so that you know exactly what your repayments will be, for how long and what you are covered for.


Your benefits
- You don't pay ANY fees if you don't use it
- No initiation fees
- Peace of mind knowing it's available as a safety net for debit orders each month

What you get
- A facility loaded on your bank account so you can dip into it when you need to Personalised interest rate

What are the requirements
- Be an FNB customer with an active FNB Cheque Account or Easy Account
- Be 18 years and older
- Be a permanent South African resident
- Pass affordability and credit scoring assessment

Credit Card

Your benefits
- Up to 55 days interest free
- Free Automatic Debt Protection up to R5 000
- Monthly coupons for shopping at Checkers & Shoprite
- Free Comprehensive Global Travel Insurance
- Flexible repayment options with auto-payment

What you get
- A means of daily transacting with a loaded limit
- Personalised interest rates
- eBucks rewards when you swipe

What are the requirements
- You must have an annual salary from R80 000

Personal loan

Your benefits
- Easy to manage with fixed monthly repayments.
- Take-A-Break every January from paying your instalment, giving you that much needed break from all the festive season spending. (Applicable to loans over 6 months and your loan must be up to date.)
- You are covered with our Customer Protection Plan, credit insurance that covers you in the event of death, permanent or temporary disability, dread disease and retrenchment (Cover applicable to loans over 6 months)
- There is no need to provide collateral to secure your loan
- Pay no penalty fees when you settle your loan account early

What you get
- A Loan for up to R200 000
- Choose your term, from 1 - 60 months
- Personalised interest rate

What are the requirements
- Be between the ages of 18 - 64
- Be a permanent South African resident
- Be permanently employed or self-employed
- Your salary needs to be paid directly into your bank account
- Pass affordability and credit scoring assessment

Customer Protection Plan

Life can be very unpredictable.

In the event of your death, permanent or temporary disability, unemployment or inability to earn an income. Our Customer Protection Plan (CPP) will ensure that you are taken care of. Alternatively, you may cede a suitable credit life insurance policy if you wish to use your own insurance. Credit insurance is mandatory if you are repaying your loan.

Terms, conditions and rules apply.

Fixed monthly repayments

An FNB Personal Loan has a fixed interest rate and monthly repayment which includes all fees and charges. Giving you the peace of mind that your loan repayment will not change until the loan has been repaid.

Personal Loan

Get the money you need to reach your goals

Whether you take up a loan for yourself or your family,
for any home renovations or to purchase that big item you've always wanted.
Get a Personal Loan today for up to R 200 000.

Your loan, your goals

Choose your loan amount + term

Have the freedom to choose a loan for up to R200 000 and pay it off over 1 − 60 months.

You can rest easy knowing that your repayment amount is the same each month and comes with a fixed interest rate that protects you from interest hikes.

Plus you can boost your eBucks Reward Level and get even more from FNB. Click on the apply button and do the things you need to today.


Your benefits

Great value from FNB

Personalised interest rate

Get an interest rate tailored for you

Quick loan payout

Get a loan from R1 000 - R 200 000 within minutes

No penalty fees on early settlement

FNB will not charge you any penalties if you settle your loan account early

Take-A-Break in January

Keep your loan up to date and automatically get a payment break every January for loans over 6 months

Customer Protection Plan

We make sure you are covered with our credit insurance

Read more

Fixed monthly repayments

See what's included.

Read more

Consolidate your debt

Gain more control over your debt

Debt Consolidation from FNB enables you to combine your debts that you have with various credit providers into one convenient loan. You get to enjoy lower monthly repayments and also gain more control over your debt and finances. The hassle and stress which comes with having to deal with multiple debt collectors is taken away. Manage your money smarter and watch it go further, consolidate your debt with FNB today.

  • Enjoy convenience and peace of mind
  • Spend less time managing your debt
  • Reduce your monthly repayments by having one interest rate, one set of fees and one monthly payment
  • Top up and have your initiation fee waived

Consolidate your debt with a Personal Loan today - Apply Now


Compare your credit

Choose the right type of credit

Personal loan

For big purchases or other credit needs

Read more

Credit card

For everyday transacting

Read more


A safety net for debit orders each month

Read more

Be money smart

Know your credit score

Your credit score is a number the banks looks at that's based on your credit history.

This number is an indication of how well you handle your credit, such as paying bills on time and how long you have had credit for. It's always important to know what your credit rating is, as this shows the bank that you are a good customer and will be able to assist you in getting access to the money you may need for life events.

There are different credit scores for different purposes and your credit score may vary from day-to-day.


Applying made easy

Personal Loan

Qualifying criteria

  1. You must be between the ages of 18 and 64
  2. Be a permanent SA resident
  3. Be permanently employed or self-employed
  4. Your salary must be paid directly into your bank account

How to get it

Apply now!

Other ways to apply

FNB Banking App
Cellphone Banking *120*321#
Contact Us

Documents needed

  • South African green-bar coded ID or Smart Card ID
  • Your most recent payslip
  • Proof of residence not older than 3 months
  • 3 months bank statements for non-FNB customers
  • 6 months bank statements for non-FNB banked self-employed customers