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Financial planning


Draft a Will using the FNB App

Plus, get a personalised estate calculation to see if what you leave behind will be enough to support the ones you love.

We will take care of everything

With an FNB Will you can:

Get the right executor

It's important to have an experienced qualified executor to manage your affairs after death, efficiently and in accordance with legislation and the requirements of the Master of the High Court. FNB are expert estate administrators and are the nominated executors in the Wills that we draft.

Nominate a guardian for your minor children

When a parent dies, the surviving parent usually assumes full guardianship; however, what if both of you pass away or if you are a single parent? In your Will, you can easily nominate a guardian of your choice.

Create a trust to protect your children

Protect the financial interest of your minor children by creating a testamentary trust for them in your Will.

Do a personalised calculation

See an estimate of the costs that will be incurred following your death such as funeral costs, various types of tax liabilities and other costs to administer your estate.

Factors to consider when drafting your Will

Your marriage contract can have an impact on your Will and estate calculation.

Your Will and estate calculation should be reviewed on an ongoing basis (consider the birth of a child, buying property, divorce etc.).

Keep a file with your personal inventory and important documents to assist your family when reporting your death.

Make sure you've thought about any business interests and what will happen to them.

A Will is only valid if signed and witnessed correctly.

Consider your offshore assets and whether you need a separate offshore Will.

The easiest way to draft and secure your Will.

You can now draft your Will and do a personalised estate calculation on the FNB App in your own time and convenience.

Drafting your Will is easy

  1. Log onto the FNB App
  2. Select the nav-igate life icon
  3. Select nav» Money
  4. Select the 'My Will + Legacy' icon